Saturday, October 8, 2016

Happy Versus Unhappy "Hoarders" : The Inside Story On Clutter

Do You Have A Lot of Stuff ?

People often refer to themselves as a "hoarder" even when they are not really a "hoarder" but  shall we say are rather robust collectors. Now their collections can be NEAT or SLOPPY and they can feel proud of their COLLECTIONS or miserable about their stuff...too much stuff you might think as an outsider.  But I am convinced that just having a lot of stuff  does not label you a hoarder, so those of you who are reading this blog can relax in knowing that the size of your piles does not count towards level of craziness or
unhappiness for that matter.

Compulsive Collecting 

Now I'm not making light of  people who are troubled and who indeed live in home situations where their behavior of holding on to massive amounts of un-needed things is getting in the way of living a safe life. Nor am I minimizing the difficulty depressed people have mobilizing themselves to clean up.

Happy Collectors

I am pointing out that many people either enjoy being surrounded by STUFF or are so busy they can't keep up with their accumulations both old and new. These folks may look like hoarders but are really not, they are perfectly content, happy, reasonably normal ...they just have a lot of STUFF!

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