Monday, March 16, 2015

Longing For A Vintage Pink Princess Phone

When Your "Device" Was A Princess Telephone By Western Electric

I never thought I would say this, but I think I am longing for the days before iPhones. I just returned from a trip to the Mall to buy a new phone. Yikes, it took over two hours and that is not counting the time I put in yesterday researching the so called "device" which is now a common household word.

Pink Vintage Princess Phone

Be honest don't you long for the days when you owned your very own Princess telephone? Remember the color palette of Princess phones, pink, blue, beige, white and turquoise? Having your very own Princess phone was a very big deal in the sixties.

Remember Phones With Night Lights?

Remember how the phone was also a night light? I really miss the days of simple phones. I'm even feeling a bit nostalgic today about pay phones. I'll tell you what's got into me. I actually just returned from the Apple store and I'm simply unglued at the moment. The process took hours. And all I could think about was that I'd lose my Word With Friends App when I handed in my old phone. What if my games in progress were lost in some "cloud "somewhere and gone forever? I have over ten games going fans will be distraught if our games our vaporized.

Get A Grip Girl: There Is More To Worry About Than iPhones

A tropical cyclone devastates the island of Vanuatu, Russia is amping up it's Northern Fleet, UCONN Men's basketball lost last night and I am fretting over my iPhone apps? "Get a grip girl", I told myself. I promised myself I would go home, make a cup of tea and pretend I could handle the fact that the new iPhone no longer has my old ring tone. I'm in shock right now, forgive me ....I need to a Princess Phone and my favorite doll to cuddle with.

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  1. I totally understand the comfort of a simple pretty phone.

  2. There, there, I understand. A phone was a convenience and so simple. New technology has its advantages, but it comes with a huge learning curve and confusions, especially for us, people from another generation. I still have a flip phone, but feel I need to upgrade or I will really be left behind, with my other dinosaur friends. Hear your pain and I do understand. That which is supposed to "help" us shouldn't rattle us, should it?

  3. I used to want a princess phone so bad. Then I wanted a trimline. Believe it or not, my office phone is a pink trimline.

  4. Oh How I wish I still had mine from my was a Christmas present! Wonder what my Mom did with it?