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What To Do With Your Parents Furniture When It's Not Too Old Or Collectible?

What To Do With Your Parent's Old Furniture?

I know you have heard this line before from elderly parents...."I gotta a lot of good stuff and it's worth something".  Oh boy, now this is a topic that needs some discussion. Let's take a visit to Miami,  Ft. Lauderdale, Delray Beach Florida (or other retirement spots  where a lot of our seniors migrated over the years. What do you do with mom and dad's furniture and collections when they are ready to change their residence and move into a smaller apartment, assisted living,  nursing home, return North or move closer to children?

How Do  You Know If Mom Or Dad's Furniture Is Valuable?

What do you do with rooms of old furniture that family does not want? Follow along here. If mom and or dad  are now frail and perhaps also struggling with dementia guess who now has to figure out how to unload decades of furniture and belongings.  While your parent's may still be able to insist that their furniture is "valuable"  you  (and your folks ) may be surprised to learn about  what is and what is not valuable. And if you thought you would just donate what's left after friends and relatives cherry picked the better things .. here is a wake up call.....even if you wanted to give it isn't that easy..SURPRISE

Vintage Mid Century Furniture Is Very Marketable

So how do you know if indeed you are sitting with some GOOD Stuff. Here is what I would like you to know. MID CENTURY is hot! If your parents still have couches, chairs, accessories from the 50s -60s you may be sitting with some great collectible pieces. But you need to be able to distinguish grandma  looking  things from desirable designs and manufacturers. I would suggest you spend some time online and take a look at reputable Mid Century Furniture dealers. Does what your parents have resemble what you see online ? Do they have Danish furniture? What condition is their furniture in?  Is their furniture stylish or boring?
Do some homework. Also visit my site and post photos for our community of members to discuss. Don't be bashful....we  like offering help.

You may also do well with Victorian and Art Deco styles.

Forget About Selling Parent's Furniture From the 80s 

Now if what your parents have is depressing 70s or heavy glass furniture from the are in trouble. That type of furniture is hard to get rid of. But you can try calling some local used furniture dealers where they live as well as Goodwill, The Salvation Army etc. Note, these places only take furniture in good condition. You may actually have to pay someone to remove your furniture. Make sure you know ahead of time, what their terms are.

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