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Oodles Of Poodle Collectibles

Gallery of Poodle Collectibles

Retro Poodles To Love

vintage poodle artOne of my absolute favorite books is an older title called "Flea Market Fidos" by Barri Leiner and Marie Moss. If you love dog collectibles, you will adore this special full color book which shows collections of dog collectibles in adorable vignettes and settings. 

Flea Market Fido 
I like to browse through  "Flea Market Fido"  and marvel at seeing so many dog related prints, figurines, kitchenwares, towels, playing cards, textiles, plush toys, books, jewelry, nursery decor and more. 

Venture Moms

On the author's website Leiner and Moss tell the story of how they pitched their book idea to prospective publishers by preparing a  proposal in a vintage craft box tied with bakery string. Inside the box was vintage photos which illustrated the themes of the book. They were taken on by a  division of Harry N. Abrams.    

Retro Poodle

One breed which always has a big fan club is the poodle. Retro collectors go ga ga over kitchen and home collectibles with poodle designs.  In "Flea market Fido" you of course find a poodle section with a beautiful collection of poodle plush toys from the 1950s.  Inspired by this delightful showcase of charming pups I have added two doggy boards to my Pinterest page: "Retro Poodle"  and "Retro Dog".   
Oodles of Retro Poodles

can keenly remember that my mom had matching plastic quilted toaster and mixing machine covers with poodles in our kitchen. Our bathroom was decorated with  pink poodle wallpaper, poodle accessories and shower curtain. And of course my favorite plush toys was a poodle that stood almost as tall as our pet poodle Ko-Ko. I invite my readers to come  visit all my Pinterest boards.  Do you remember you own poodle childhood? Tell us about your retro poodle years.

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  1. Nice article about fu-fu Fido! I love the figurines, and have been seeing a lot of them lately in Antiques Malls.


  2. I always dreamed of having that bathroom wallpaper with the poodles taking baths. But my favorite poodle collectible is Peteena, the poodle fashion doll by Hasbro.