Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vintage Telephone Table Or Gossip Bench: A Great Idea

Gossip Benches: Popular In the 1940s and 1950s 
Grandma lived in a two family house in Brooklyn, N.Y. with a wonderful front porch, attractive awning and a door bell with chimes that I will always remember. As soon as you entered the foyer into her home you headed straight down the  hallway towards the dining area and kitchen and there was  what every grandma had in those days....."the telephone table" or "gossip bench" as many people called these charming seats with an attached table.

  Gossip Bench Or Telephone Table Came In Many Styles

While grandma's telephone table was Mahogany with an upholstered fabric seat, I have seen these tables in all kinds of styles (Danish, Victorian, Early American, Modern) and  different woods and materials. You will see Gossip benches  with a variety of seats including needlepoint, vinyl,  upholstered, patterned, striped etc. You will also come across  Mid-Century looks, such as a wrought iron hairpin mesh bench. These modern benches are cool but can fetch big money as compared to ordinary versions!

Where To Buy Telephone Tables Or Gossip Benches 

Buyers can still find plenty of telephone tables out there and easily available on or or other online sites as well as in antique shops.  While I generally see common benches  selling for $60-75.00, you will also come across  special telephone tables selling for even higher prices. And in Metropolitan areas such as New York City where decorators are re-doing these benches in high end glitz the prices are really climbing. It seems everyone is now after The Gossip Bench or Telephone Bench or Telephone Table! And I have also seen newly made Gossip Benches in cottage style, see

It's easy To Find Your Phone With A Gossip Bench

These tables were very handy before cordless phones and of course way before cell phones. How nice it was to actually know exactly where your phone was. It was of course...ON THE TELEPHONE TABLE! Now that is a handy idea.

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  1. Your comment about where the phone is made me laugh. I take my glasses off when I am home and have trained myself to put them in a special, wiener dog that my mom made in the 60's, for safe keeping. I have also gotten in the habit of putting my phone into an old planter, so when it rings, I know where it is.
    Can you imagine selling telephone tables for that purpose? Love your blog and your finds, we have the EXACT same taste.

  2. I found one like the first photo at a yard sale for $2. My daughter found one like the third photo at a yard sale also. Don't know what she paid but it wasn't much because we refuse to pay too much at yard sales.

  3. My grandmother still has hers. I love it. I always wanted one, but now I don't think it will go with my decor... unless I find it in vinyl or turquoise.

  4. just like both my grandmas...I have and cherish both of their telephone tables now
    thanks for the great blog!

  5. How interesting. I don’t think I have ever seen a gossip chair.
    Thanks for the post.


  6. Awwww, my grandmother had one of those. Also she had the S shaped seating which had one person sitting on each side of the curve. Miss 'em.

  7. I gave mine away! (Sniff) ~ I'm a new your blog!

  8. HI
    I think I found your blog on pinterest! Glad to meet a fellow blogger/vintage lover like myself, that may live in the same little state as me! There's much to read on your blog,I am thinking I now your spot at collinsville! It's my fav. Spot at collinsville! Wow! ;)
    Well have a Suneday!
    Carly @