Thursday, February 16, 2012

Decorating With Colorful Vintage Ceramic Vases

Thrifty Decorating Ideas Using Vintage Vases

Vintage  ceramic vases from the  1930s, 1940s, 1950s are great to collect and use as decorative accessories in almost any room of your home. Some people like glazed pieces while others prefer matte finishes.

I have found that there are common colors that you will consistently find that these planters and vases came in: aqua, yellow, pink, soft green, jade, chartreuse, white, cream, sky blue. Less frequently you will discover  ceramic pottery in crimson , grey,  peach.

Shapes of Vintage Pottery

When I buy older ceramic vases or planters, I am looking for a  variety of interesting shapes. In my living room, I have a collection of matte cream/white vases arranged on a built in bookshelf. You will find vases and planters with shapes that are rounded,  scalloped, angular, tubular, curvy etc.  You may also decide to choose vases with detail or one's that are plain.

Size Matters When Displaying Vintage Pottery 

When using pottery in displays, you may want  to keep all the sizes of your vases and planters consistent or you may prefer to vary the sizes. Collections of several pieces grouped together often look better with varying sizes. However, you may also want to mingle "single" pieces with 
a book collection and have the vases stand out as solo pieces. 

Hunting For Vintage Vases By Style

The fun part of collecting older pottery is that you can set your collecting parameters. Then, when you go out hunting you have a goal in mind. While prices vary somewhat according to the manufacturer. for the most part, I think it is safe to say that you can find plenty of choices from $18.00-36.00. That is not to say that some very lovely ones might be priced a little higher.  When you handle a lot of older planters and vases, you  become  familiar with "ordinary" versus "less common". You also begin to appreciate which pieces seems to be made finer or with more decorative appeal.

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