Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finding Thermo-Temp Retro Plastic Burlap Raffiaware For Your Retro Kitchen

Entertaining With 1950s's Thermo-Temp Picnic Wares

It's always fun to find collectibles in their original boxes. I am continuously amazed that people have so many goodies tucked away in their basements or garages.

Vintage Plastic Raffiaware Popular In The Kitchen

In these photos I snapped at Antiques On The Farmington in Collinsville, CT, the dealer was showing off a wonderful insulated plastic ice bucket and also a retro fabulous pitcher. Both were in a style called "Raffiaware' which was a popular style in the 1950's. Both items were in mint condition.

Should I buy These Vintage Picnic Wares?

I was tempted to but these gems, but I paused for two reasons. While these fun collectibles were recently popular (after Martha Stewart did a featured article about them...interest has now slowed down,. They are tough sellers.

Can You Put Plastic Kitchen-ware In The Dishwasher ?

The other reason I personally did not scoop them up for my own home use is that I'd be worried about putting them in the dish washer and the stability of older plastics, especially when there are layers of plastic such as found with the Raffiaware pattern of a imitation basket weave. Most of the kitchen-wares of the 1950s were made of Polystyrene and Polyethylene.

I Sure Could Use A Vintage Plastic Ice Bucket

You know as I am writing this, I am thinking more about them.....I suppose I really wouldn't have to worry about the ice bucket. I could just rinse it out after use. And the pitcher...what's one item to wash.

Retro Regrets

Hmm........I've fallen in love with them again....perhaps I will take a visit to Antiques on The Farmington today and see if they are still there!

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  1. I inherited a large serving plate that looks just like these and I never knew what it was so thanks!

  2. I found a set of the glasses in multiple colors at the thrift store and snapped those puppies up since they match my camper. I also found a set of the gold non-burlap ones in a box at Salvation Army ... my daughter proceeded to tell me they were the ugliest glasses she's ever seen until she tried them and now she prefers them to glass ones. I wash the non-burlap ones in the dishwasher and even found a pitcher to match. :)

  3. My Mom has some mugs. They make me smile every time I see them!

    Susan and Bentley