Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Delicious Old Fashioned Matzoh Ball Soup At Katz's Deli In Woodbridge, Connecticut

Katz's Deli Has The Best Matzoh Ball Soup In New England
After visiting Katz's Deli Restaurant in Woodbridge, Connecticut, I believe I may have found the best Matzoh Ball Soup in New England.

In fact it may just be one of the best Matzoh Ball soups anywhere in the world. I was returning from a trip to "The Big Apple "(NYC) and was driving on the Merritt Parkway when the idea of stopping at Katz's Deli in Woodbridge, CT (Exit 59) was suggested.

Leaving The Big Apple In Search Of Matzoh Ball Soup

Now this idea is a bit funny, since we had just left NYC a state with probably the most Jewish Deli's in the universe. But we had left "the City" quite full from our BAGEL brunch and needed some driving time to make room for M O R E F O O D . But we didn't want a lot of food, so the idea of "doing soup" made sense.

Judging A Deli By It's Matzoh Ball Soup

Now if you know anything about American Deli's (short for delicatessen).... especially in the Northeast...... if the Matzoh Ball soup is GOOD...you can bet that everything on the menu will be quite satisfactory as well. And as I expected our deli sandwiches were also excellent. (I know I said we were just doing soup). Steve told me that he watched his mom making Matzoh Balls as a kid and the secrets are in his genes!

Kneydlalch Are Matzoh Balls

In Yiddish, Matzoh Balls are known as kneydlach (plural) or knedyl (single). Matzoh Balls are usually served in Chicken Soup and are made from Matzoh Meal and seasonings. While some folks like their Matzoh balls firm and dense, to me the best soups are served with Matzoh Balls that are light and deliciously fluffy. I have heard people refer to Matzoh Balls as
"floaters' or "sinkers". My mom called large , dense Matzoh balls "cannon balls".

Perfect Matzoh Ball Soup

Katz's Deli did everything right...the soup was served HOT...the kneydlach was fluffy, large (tennis ball size) and PERFECT, the carrots were sweet and FRESH, the soup was flavorful without being salty. In summary....the soup was AMAZING. Katz's "small" portion is very generous. The larger two ball option is enough for two people or extra soup the next day at home.

Jewish Penicillin

Matzoh Ball soup (Jewish Penicillin) is popular during the holiday of Passover at the Seder or on Shabbat (Jewish sabbath) or whenever comfort food is desired. For help with making Chicken Soup you might like a website called Feed Me Bubbe. Matzoh Balls can be made "from scratch" or made from already prepared mixes. Look online for recipes and experiment with

Or you can visit Katz's Deli in Woodbridge, Connecticut and have PERFECT Matzoh Ball Soup! I noticed a lot of customers coming in for "take-out soup " as well.

Katz's Deli Restaurant
1658 Litchfield Turnpike
Woodbridge, Connecticut

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  1. I was forced to learn to make my own Matzoh Ball Soup although I've been told about a deli in Houston, but we've just never gotten there. Finally I googled Matzoh Ball Soup and found a recipe we like, but my Matzoh Balls might be too dense for you. :) I miss having a deli or diner nearby.

  2. When I moved from Connecticut to Maine, I missed all the ethnic restaurants. A good deli is a joy indeed and the sandwiches, desserts and pickles, oh my! I have to confess to never having matzoh ball soup, but I did check out the Bubbe website. I know if a bubbe makes the soup, it must be good. LOVE your blog, I wish I were closer and could visit all the places you mention. You have wonderful taste!

  3. I am happy to say that I am your newest follower. I love your blog! I live in CT, Woodbury. I will have to check out Katz's Deli. That soup looks soooo delicious.
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  4. Thanks so much for the post about Katz's! I live 15 minutes up the road in Naugatuck and never knew about it!!!I will be heading there this week!

  5. Katz's Deli & Restaurant in Woodbridge, CT JUST got our Facebook Page up and running and in the process of researching past articles, we stumbled upon your blog posts. We just wanted to thank you for your kind words and hope that you'll stop in for matzoh ball soup any time. We wish you continued success on your blog! Thank you!