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1950's Pot Holder Weaving Loom By Transogram Toys And Games: A Collectible To Remember


I had to share with you this 1950's pot holder craft kit, I found listed at Pollydoodlesco on . This weaving loom and Jersey loops are in a boxed set made by Transogram Toys and Games, New York, NY.

Woolworth Jersey Loops

Take a look at those wonderful bags of Jersey loops in a Woolworth packaging. The adjustable metal loom is made of metal. The set shown is incomplete. It is missing the instruction booklet, hook and some of the wing bolts.

but boy does this set bring back memories. I particularly remember the name Transogram. According to the Lehman Brothers Collection of Business Archive (Harvard University) , Transogram started out in 1915, founded by Charles S. Raizen.

Companies Owned by Transogram
"Transogram made toys, games, playroom furniture, coloring, craft sets, and sports sets under the brand name Transogram. Over the years it added several wholly owned subsidiaries including Anchor Toy Corporation, Playwood Plastics Company, Toy Research Institute, Inc., Toy Scouts of America, Transco Adult Games, and Transogram Midwest, Inc.
Toys By Transogram
Transogram was the creator of many well-known toys. In the 1930s it expanded into the manufacture of games, including “Big Business,” which was introduced in 1935, and “Game of India” and “Tiddledy Winks,” introduced in 1938. It also developed the “Green Ghost” board game, and in the 1950s it sold the very successful “Prince Valiant” board game and a variety of “paint-by-number” sets."

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  1. Fiiinallly got a look at the new book! It was well worth the wait, and I learned a lot.

  2. I just found my old loom up in the attic last week. Let me tell you, I was a potholder making freak when I was a kid! So many of your posts bring back happy memories, and I love that and thank you for it!

  3. I used to have one of those pot holder looms and had lots of fun using it. I made my mom many pot holders which lasted a long time. I have no idea where that little loom went.