Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Entertaining With Coca Cola; Retro Ideas For A Mother's Day Picnic

Entertaining With Coca Cola: WAKE UP MOM

Are you having trouble waking up? Well I imagine in the early 1950's, you would be wide awake. It seems that Coca Cola was always on the menu!

I just read through a booklet called "Easy Hospitality: Home Entertaining On A Budget Basis", (1951) distributed by the fine folks of The Coca Cola Company who wanted all of us drinking Coke all the time.

This booklet is a hoot. Here are some of the names of possible party theme ideas and recipes. Of course with each recipe and meal suggestion, guess what...Cocoa Cola is on the list.

Entertaining Ideas 1951: Serve Coca Cola

Below is a list of titles for recipe suggestions and party ideas. Courtesy of "easy Hospitality: Home Entertaining On A Budget Basis"
Party Ideas

"Saw Your Lights On"
"Picnic When Mother Has Had A Hard Day"
"After A Committee Meeting"
"Husband Gone To Rotary"
"Winter is Over"
"Hot Night Special"
"Sis Entertains"
"After a Square Dance"
"The Sewing Circle"
'Overnight Hike"
"One More Fry"
"Addressing Christmas cards"
"After A Game of Bridge"
"A Gang At The Door"

Here is an example for Mother's Day from the booklet: "Easy Hospitality" (1951)

Picnic When Mother Has Had A Hard Day
"Entirely Done By The Men Of The Family"
Chicken and Sliced Tongue With Pickled Onions
Garlic French Bread
Stuffed tomatoes
French Dressing
Vanilla Ice Cream
Black Cherry sauce

and of course


Photo of vintage Mustard and Ketchup bottles are from the collection of

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  1. Oh I just love it, all in my time for sure,
    Hugs Barbara

  2. Dianne, I grew up in the 50's and relate to this. Coca Cola cake anyone? And it cleans the corrosion off your battery terminals too!

    I love your picnic tin collection. I have two-a mini collection. I must either use them for something great or not get any more.

    I heard on public radio today that Coca Cola is recommending (or actually doing it) removing all full calorie sodas out of schools. This would do a lot for their image now that all the sodas contributed to the gross obesity of 25% of all school-aged kids. Now they will have to develop healthier products if they want to make money from our school kids... No rant intended!
    By the way, I used to have that dollhouse on your sideline! I'll be back!

  3. In NJ Schools, no soda, any brand, any type is allowed to be sold to any student. Only Teachers lounge, sure glad this was not the case in my day, Bernie