Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bret Michaels And His Charity The American Diabetes Association Are Both Big Winners

Bret Michaels The Rocker With Nine Lives: Deserves To Win Celebrity Apprentice

Do I have to point out to my readers that watching the Celebrity Apprentice this season (2010) has been a roller coaster! Bret Michaels is the player with nine lives... the rocker with the bandanna.., the guy who wants very dearly to see his charity, The American Diabetes Association win BIG.

Although we are just hours away from the finale (Bret stay healthy please) it ain't over until the zaftig lady sings. Oh, that's another Reality T.V. show isn't it?

Everyone Likes Bret Michaels
But whoever the "official" winner is (and you and I both know it will be Bret Michaels) Bret will bring enormous buzz to his charity The American Diabetes Association. Bret's a charmer and he deserves to win because he is not only a fighter, he is amazingly creative, current, fun-loving and everyone likes him! He was my favorite way before his health issues came one after another.

What Bret Says About His Charity "The American Diabetes Association"
Bret's charity is the American Diabetes Association (Sponsor of Camps for Kids With Diabetes)
"When Bret was six years old he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Today, he must take four shots of insulin a day and must always be in control of his blood sugars, oftentimes testing his blood up to six times a day. Because diabetes is such a major part of his life, Bret feels it's his duty to raise money and awareness for the American Diabetes Association. With the ADA, Bret has a fund which sponsors diabetic kids and sends them to camp where they can meet other kids with similar conditions and have unlimited access to nurses and doctors who are there to help. When Bret was initially diagnosed with diabetes, his mother was an integral part in forming these diabetic camps, so Bret hopes to carry on the tradition."
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  1. Hi, I thought I'd come over and introduce myself. I'm Leslie from Brookhollow Lane. I found you via 521 Lake Street. I know I'll be spending time going back and seeing all your great vintage stuff. I love it!

  2. I am a huge Brett fan! Apprentice just started cross your fingers. Win or lose I think he has already brought wonderful attention to his cause!


  3. I just had to say how happy I was that Brett won the Apprentice. I don't think I've rooted that much for anyone to win in a long time. And when I saw him show up on American Idol last night singing Every Rose has a Thorn I was so pleasantly surprised! He is not a quitter and his dedication is inspiring. Twyla