Monday, February 1, 2010

How Frugal Ladies Save Money In The Powder Room

Frugal 1940s Housewives Stretched The Dollar

In the 1940s thrifty homemakers learned how to save money, time and work in every aspect of daily life. The war years were tough and frugal housewives stretched the dollar in anyway that they could. Here are some wonderful tips from a 1940's home economics booklet on Household Hints. Be sure to let me know which of these handy hints you have tried?

1. Make your own hair curlers. use the wires from the tops of milk bottles.

2. Save that lipstick container. By removing the last bit of lipstick and packing the holder with cotton for a cushion, you can have a neat pin and needle case, to keep handy in your purse or week end bag.

3. It is good psychology to keep a box of facial tissues in the bathroom, when guests are in the house. Most women will thoughtfully use them, instead of guest towels, to remove excess lipstick.

4. How to remove lipstick.....rub with Vaseline or lard. wash in hot suds. If color stain remains, bleach with hydrogen peroxide. Do not use soap first; it may set the stain.

5. To protect your rubber swim cap, wash it. thoroughly dry and cover with a little talcum powder or cornstarch inside and out. Then store in a cool place.

6.Brassieres are easy to iron. Iron toward the center of each cup, turning the brassiere on the board until each area is smooth and dry. then iron the flat sections and the straps.

7. Wash your nylons after each wearing, use lukewarm water and mild soapsuds. rinse them well. Squeeze out the water. Make sure they are completely dry before wearing them again.

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  1. Fun post! A couple of these ideas can still be used today. But I WILL NOT be ironing my brassiere!

  2. I'm assuming #6 is referring to those "cardboard" pointy-tip bras! I have a painful memory of my first bra in the 60's - my mom gave me one of her bullet bras. Now, here I am an almost flat chested kid wearing a size I-don't-know-what - talk about humiliating! I kept trying to flatten them, but they just kind of puckered! I laugh about it now!