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Diving Into The Topic Of Freegans And Frugal Living

Freegans Compared To 1930s and 1940's Frugal Housewives

While doing research on junk collecting I kept coming across the term "Freegan" and decided it was time for me to dive right into the subject (no pun intended). Being totally clueless about Freegans, my first thought was whether Freegans and Vegans were related? In essence the words do share a relationship; both Freegans and Vegans are concerned with "excluding" certain practices. Many Freegans are Vegans who forsake all animal products. Freegans forsake "consumerism".

What Are Freegans?

Freeganism (which started in the 1990's) is an anti-consumerism lifestyle whereby people employ alternative living strategies based on "limited participation in the conventional economy and minimal consumption of resources".Freegans are scavengers who live off consumer waste.

Freegans are interested in eliminating wasteful consumption. They are big on rescuing, re-cycling, re-purposing and re-using everything. Advanced Freegans live totally off goods recovered from trash or thrown away. Freegaans rummage through supernmarket trash, dress in hand me down clothes and furnish their home from cast off furnish. Many items are found on the street or from groups such as or at so called freemeets or swap meets.

Freegan-Inspired Lifestyles

While many Freegans adopt the whole package, others live a Freegan inspired life or what some call Freegan-lite. Freegans have been compared to frugal housewives of earlier generations, learning how to conserve, save and repair.

Freegan Tips For The Frugal

1. Swap- organize group swaps in your home. Invite friends to exchange such items as books, clothing, art suppplies, plants etc.

2. Get Stuff For Free: Check out Craigslist and Free Cycle online.

3. Rescue Food Before It Gets Trashed. Collect excess food from bakeries, restaurants and volunteer to bring to a Shelter or Soup Kitchen. Bring containers to work...and collect extra food from group functions.

4. Dumpster Dive: While you don't have to actually go into a dumpster, you can rescue old furniture, useble household items and perfectly good trash from others, curbsides, and dump sites.

5. Host a Free Martket where everything is literally free.

6. Particicpate in community gardens. Grown your own food and share with others.

7. Barter: Exchange gooods and servces.

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