Thursday, December 10, 2009

Painting Several Pieces of Older Furniture "Aqua" to Create a Charming Baby Nursery or Children's Corner in Your Shop

Painting Your Vintage Furniture "Aqua"

What can you do with the color aqua? Well you can do what my friend Laura did in her shop The Bleu Willow in Simsbury, CT. She created a cottage-y feel in her Vintage Nursery and Junior section by painting several pieces of shabby furniture the color "aqua". As you can imagine, this soft pastel color is charming!

Color Organizes Rooms

By sticking with the same color for a variety of furnishings you will instantly organize your room. Laura has done just that...transforming one corner of her shoppe into a sweet flea market inspired ensemble instead of a mish mosh of unwanted hand me downs. While Laura's "aqua" groupings serve to showcase her baby items, you can certainly accomplish this delicious cottage look at home as well. This is a very practical and affordable decorating trick.

Aqua is an Easy Color to Live With

Aqua is a an easy color to live with and goes wonderfully with yellows, pinks, neutrals, whites, reds and more. Consider putting together an aqua themed room by painting older tables, dressers, hampers, armoires, desks etc. in the same color . Add some charming vintage prints of children on the walls with a touch of aqua as well.

Utilizing Every Space Available

The Bleu Willow is a small shop that is packed with a combination of antiques, collectibles and vintage style accessories, jewelry and furnishings. You will find that every space is this store is utilized. The drawers of cabinets and dressers are stuffed with goodies which are easily visible.

Laura also likes to create interesting "stacks" of treasures, using vintage boxes, books, containers etc. for propping up or containing small items.

Photos Courtesy of The Bleu Willow

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  1. Hey Diane~ Is it possible to get the Paint Brand & color for that aqua at your friend's shop. Sometimes I find it difficult to just find the right shade of a color and I waste so much money searching for the right shade.

  2. Hi Dianne,
    Just found your blog and have been hopping around looking at all your great posts. I have been in an AQUA phase for a little over a year now. I love this color and it goes well with so many other colors. I have paired it up with red in my kitchen and livingroom and just love it!