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"Designed To Order": A Floral Designer Inspired By Antique Feather Christmas Trees

Introducing "Designed To Order" A Magical Floral Designer

Today I visited Donna at "Designed To Order" a spectacular floral designer who took me around her magical shoppe on Main Street in Manchester, CT. While Donna produces both contemporary and traditional arrangements she is often inspired by vintage looks.

Antique Feather Trees

Her colorful, dazzling store has many Feather Trees and arrangements embellished with feathers, berries and ornaments reminiscent of an antique Christmas.
Just like the original Feather Christmas Trees, Donna creates sparkling trees in colors of white, red, silver, blue, gold, lavender etc.

The Golden Glow Collector Club
According to the website "The Golden Glow", a club for collectors of antique Christmas
items the Feather Tree was America's first introduction to artificial trees.

Dime Store Imports

Sold in dime stores during the 1920s and 30's, The Feather Tree was developed in Germany and brought to America by German immigrants in the late 1800's.

"These trees were made of dyed goose and turkey feathers which were attached to wires which became the branches for the first artificial trees. Both round and square wooden bases were used. These bases replicated the wooden buckets that were used for bases of live evergreen trees in Germany.

Some trees had composition berries on the tips while others had holders for candles.

Feather Trees Came in Lots of Colors

The trees came in various colors: white, green, blue, light green, and gold. The importing of these trees stopped during WWII. Following the war, some trees were reintroduced to the American market but by that time Americans had already started producing their own version of the artificial tree, the "visca tree."

A Return of Feather Trees in the 1980's

It wasn't until the 1980s that "feather trees" were reintroduced to the American market. This time the trees were being produced by American craftsmen." http://www.goldenglow.org/antique-feather-trees.htm

Using Vintage and Antique Vases, Planters , Art Glass for Bases

At "Designed To Order" you will find beautiful trees and arrangements with very fair prices.
Many clients bring in antique and vintage planters, baskets, tins or art glass and Donna makes works of floral art using the customer's unique bases and containers. She also has plenty of prepared arrangements as well as lots of gorgeous bases in ceramic, glass etc. Donna uses both silk and fresh flowers.

For more information contact:

"Designed To Order

857 Main St.
Manchester, CT 06040

Read More About Antique Christmas at:

The Golden Glow (a club collectors of antique Christmas items). Antique Feather Tree photos shown courtesy of The Golden Glow.

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