Friday, June 4, 2010

Visiting B. Johnstone A Posh Vintage Shop In Kent Connecticut

Mixing Prada Shoes With 50s Kitsch

Introducing "B. Johnstone", a trendy boutique on North Main Street in Kent, CT which successfully mixes 50ish (and 60th) kitsch and collectibles with new and vintage clothing.

Trendy, Posh, Vintage

As luck would be, I found myself at the side entrance of this shop and I wandered inside. Hm...."Am I in a clothing store?" ...."Is this new stuff or old?" ...."Are those collectibles on the shelf"? ...."Where am I?"

I didn't want to ask too much too soon (very preppy guy at the desk). After all, if the clothes and decorative items were not second hand...I might be sorry I asked. So I wandered around a bit and returned to the desk. I was politely told that the shop carried a little bit of everything......whoa...I was in my comfort zone. The prices were fair...I stayed.

Schmaltzy Second Hand

As I started to spot vintage clothing, beverage sets, lamps, plates, clocks, dinnerware, pottery, serving pieces, vases etc. I calmed down....oh yes this is a schmaltzy (over the top) second hand store.

Upscale Thrift

But let's be perfectly clear...this store was upscale. There was a certain "edge" to the collectibles on hand, as well as outstanding presentions by owner Bartley Inge Johnstone who is for sure a master designer!

B. Johnstone
4 North main Street
Kent, CT

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  1. This looks like a very interesting store. I love to visit stores with great displays. They give m ideas to use at home.

  2. Love shops like these - I love the clock!

  3. love the shoes in the first picture!
    happy saturday-
    mich in mich @
    smile, wink, nod

  4. I love these kind of shops "just to look" but give me an old dusty shop any day for real treasures.

  5. Looks like a fun shop. I like Kent. It's a lovely town. My husband went to the prep school there. Next time we go back for a reunion, I'll make a point of stopping in that shop.

    Susan and Bentley

  6. This is one of my favorite stores and one of the places I love to prop shop for my magazine shoots. I've also had the pleasure of styling photo shoots at Bartley's own home for Better Homes & Gardens Decorating and her client's homes in New England Home and Better Homes & Gardens. She's the real deal with an amazing eye. I'm so glad you you featured her!