Friday, June 11, 2010

Second Hand Rose Has Original Vintage Wallpaper for Your Kitschy Kitchen

Adorable Kitschy Kitchen Vintage Wallpaper At Second Hand Rose

If you are looking for adorable original vintage kitchen wallpaper, check out the Second Hand Rose Wallpaper Shop now in it's new location on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan And On-line.
Visiting The Second Hand Rose Gallery

I had so much fun checking out the gallery of wallpaper on the Second had Rose website. When I see wallpaper with bricks and or Ivy's I have a flashback to my kitchen back in the 1950's. If you want to see over 5000 patterns of wallpaper for every room in your home, including a large collection of vintage kitchen styles than one of the best resources is Second Hand Rose.

Second Hand Rose Just Moved Uptown

Martin Dinowitz has managed this shop (now on Fifth Avenue) for forty years. We talked recently about his stock of kitchen wallpapers of the 30s, 40s, 50s.

Dating Kitchen Wallpaper

Many patterns stayed popular for many years and it is hard to really date some of these papers. But the paper shown in this post are from the Colorful Eras (1930s, 1940s and 1950s).

Owner Suzanne Lipschultz Bought Out Wallpaper Inventory
From Old Hardware And Paint Stores

Second Hand Rose was started by Suzanne Lipschultz in 1965 when she was straight out of college. She would buy out wallpaper inventory from old hardware and paint stores and over time amassed one of the largest collections of papers from the 1860's-1970s.

Martin tells me that many of their papers are used by set directors in movies, T.V. shows and by major clothing stores who like to create vintage vignettes.

Common Themes of Vintage Kitchen Wallpaper

Older wallpaper made out of paper and produced largely in the USA at the time had themes of Ivy, gingham, florals, fruit, potted plants, step ladder patterns, grids, fruit, polka dots, lattice, bouquets etc.

How Much Does Vintage Kitchen Wallpaper Cost?

Sold in double rolls, expect to pay about $100.00 and up. I am told that if their website shows the pattern you like...there is plenty of wallpaper to meet your needs.

Visit Secondhand Rose, 230 Fifth Avenue (27th Street), (212) 393-9002 Second Hand Rose

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  1. What charming examples of vintage wallpapers. I am visiting Second Hand Rose right away. Thanks for the tip and have a great weekend Dianne!!

    Susan and Bentley

  2. Lately I've been obsessed with vintage always write about topics that I'm excited about. What a great blog you have! I haven't visited in a couple weeks, so I need to get caught up!