Saturday, June 26, 2010

Using A Vintage Painted Shabby Drawer As An Easel For Decorative Plates

Featuring Decorative Plates In A Pretty Vignette Using A Painted Old Drawer

How sweet is this idea for featuring decorative plates....carefully exhibit them propped up inside an old painted drawer. Shabby collectors adore this idea of using a discarded drawer as an easel for displaying hand painted delicate plates.

Originally stored in China closets or hung on the wall, decorative plates look fantastic when styled as a mini-vignette inside a soft painted deep and narrow drawer.

Painting Your Cottage Style Drawer In Soft Romantic Colors

You can paint your drawer a solid color such as pink or white or add accented flowers or decals.
Perhaps you want at to line the drawer with vintage wallpaper or use remnants of old fabric or even tissue paper to stuff into the drawer to keep the plates and other objects stable. Use plates of different sizes for an interesting arrangement. Add other small objects to your display such as flatware, candle holders etc.

When choosing a color for the tissue paper or fabric pull out one of the colors from the plate to help keep your display eye catching.

Propping Plates On Plate Holders

For more stability for your plates, you can also stand the plates up on a small plate holder and insert the plate and it's holder into the drawer and than cover the plate base with fabric to hide the hardware.
I stay away from the wooden plate holders, they wobble too much. I like the inexpensive metal ones.

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  1. Very sweet indeed!!

    Susan and Bentley

  2. Thank you for your idea and photos. My husband has some drawers similar to this that were from his Grandmother's sewing machine table. He has three but we just didn't know how to display them. Now I am thinking on making each painted to match a seasonal theme!

  3. What a wonderful idea...i use old drawers from sewing machines to display towels in the bathroom. Your book is full of wonderful photo's and display ideas. Thanks again for sharing the inspiration!

  4. Sewing machine drawers are one thing I always look for when I go antiquing. I use them for many things. I like this idea, too! Have a nice week! Twyla

  5. Very sweet, yes. I really love the colours and pattern on the inside.

  6. I love this vintage look. I just saw patio accessories that have a pattern very similar to this. I think that I must have it!