Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Get That Ocean Feeling Decorating With Beach Decor

Something Is Fishy At The Blue Willow

My dream is to live at the beach, so any chance I get to bring the beach home with me I grab onto. For now, I captured that coastal feeling with photos that you too might enjoy.

Laura who owns The Bleu Willow, a funky shabby boutique in Simsbury. CT used to work in the corporate world helping to get employees settled into their standard workplaces.

Unleashing Your Beach Creativity

Once she left the business world, she unleashed her creativity and has been creating unique displays throughout her cramped boutique in The Farmington Valley area of Connecticut.
Laura likes to decorate her shop with lots of architectural salvage and natural earthy type objects.

Mixing Aqua & Orange

She mixes a lot of orange with her aqua colors and that makes for some lively displays.

Shells, Vintage Buttons, Sea Flora: It All Works

I love the way Laura mixed both vintage and new beach items together. She carries many objects that are made from old materials or crafted with original parts and pieces. For example in her beach themed vignettes, you will find artwork, frames, mirrors, boxes, collages, shadow boxes etc. made out of shells, seaweed, vintage buttons, flora etc. You might also find, straw beach pocketbooks, jewelry, textiles and wall decor, vintage sandcastles, old chalkware, vintage bottles, old buoys, Sailor's valentines, tin pails etc.

1940s and 1950s Beach Collectibles

What is so cool about Laura's shop is how she adds her 1940's and 1950s collectibles to her presentations. And i have to be honest, half the time I can't tell what is fabricated and what is the real McCoy. But Laura is more than happy to tell you where she got what. And apparently, she has plenty of stuff because the shop is packed with that coastal feeling.

Photos courtesy of The Bleu Willow

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  1. Dianne, your blog keeps getting better and better. I do not leave comments all the time but have continue to follow since you are right on the money. You definitely know your stuff. Blessings, Marta.

  2. I find nautical themed decor very unusual and charming. Photography of marine creatures make great accessories for such themes.