Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wake Up Baby Boomers; Adding Hip Hop To Your On-Line Antique Shops

Wake Up Baby Boomers

Rock music and vintage
go together like smart phones and texting. Today music and videos are "in" and if you really want to sell your treasures......you need to become some what of a "techy" or you will fall behind.
Are y
ou Hip? Learn From Younger Collectors

If you are a younger collector/seller and you are hip...... you are probably already adding music to your websites, twittering and producing promotional videos for on line stores. So move over baby boomers, the hipsters are here and they are adding hip hop to their shops and waking up the world of collecting.

The Music Trend Online

I first noticed this musical (and visual) trend on my site http://iantiqueonline.ning.com/ where members were adding music to their profile pages or online stores. And some members added not only songs but animated backgrounds such as snow flakes falling or dashing stars etc.

In Sync or Out of Sync

At first I felt out of sync.....didn't we need the Big Band sound playing whenever 1940's collectibles were showcased? Of Elvis or Chubby Checker for 50s and beyond stuff ? But now the younger collectors are spicing up their shops with pop music which adds a whole new dimension to "vintage". And folks are sticking around these entertaining sites longer. But do buyers get distracted more easily and focus more on the music than in the vintage items for sale?

Look and Listen

For example, take a look and listen to this video made by www.ricracandbutton.etsy.com. This is a wonderful on-line store with adorable vintage and retro finds. Copy the link below and paste into your URL. (sorry to make you have to copy the link...but the easy way isn't working) . Here is the link to copy:


This popular etsy.com dealer has great music playing alongside her video of vintage children's books. Not nursery rhymes or retro music....but upbeat now stuff! Perhaps she has got the right idea about upbeat music? Take a listen...watch the show......the times they are changing. After you view the video, come back and add your comment...whaddya think?

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  1. I also enjoyed the post. We need to remember copyright laws, though. There are performance rights that need to be paid for unless you want a visit from ASCAP or worse. Check out this page for a quick review of rights and responsibilities for users of "in copyright" music: http://www.ivanhoffman.com/music.html