Monday, January 11, 2010

Even Martha Stewart Would Like My Homemade Vintage Chicken Soup

Home Made Retro Chicken Soup Vintage Style

While the current Martha Stewart's Living magazine is featuring an article about how to prepare some of the best recipes for Chicken Soup, I had discovered how to make the best "Vintage Chicken Soup" ! My soup was made in a 1950's yellow enamelware pot and stuffed with a hand made stuffed chicken.

This Chick Has Cute Dangling Legs

I am big on props so a few weeks ago I picked up this cute hand sewn chicken and figured I would sit this "chick" on a shelf somewhere...with it's cute legs dangling off the shelf. But my shop (actually a small booth) at The Collinsvillle Antiques Company of New Hartford, CT is so packed with junk (I mean kitchen collectibles) that I literally had no room to stick this stuffed chicken anywhere, no less have room enough to have this Calico dressed bird take up valuable shelf space.

The Soup Is Ready

So in a totally frustrated mood, one afternoon, I plopped the chicken in an empty sauce pot, temporarily while I began moving around some other items to make room for the dangling chicken. Lo and behold, I got distracted and forgot all about the fact that I placed the chicken in the pot. Well today I returned to my shop (after the holiday break) and there awaiting me was a lovely pot of "Vintage Soup for The Soul".

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