Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sometimes You Have a Loose Nut and You Have to Tighten It with A Wrench

Living With Vintage Toilets

My husband called me on my cell phone to tell me that we had a tiny leak under the bathroom sink and asked if I would call "Walter" (our plumber). "Tell him, it's not an emergency", my hubby said.

It Get's Funnier.....
Than my husband followed with this statement:

"Sometimes you have a loose nut and you have to tighten it with a wrench".

I cracked up laughing....loose nut.....I could think of several "loose nuts" that I want to "tighten up" this week.
After I said I would call "Walter" ..... my husband tried to change his mind about calling a professional and suggested that maybe he (hubby) could fix the problem himself. NO NO NO.... "that could be a disaster"...I thought to myself. I promptly nixed that idea...... Walter is on the schedule for a visit!

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