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Use What You Have to Display Antiques And Collectibles: Creative Tips from The Kitschy Collector

Ideas From The Kitschy Collector

Are you sitting with a few odds and ends in your shop or store and you are wondering how to kick them up a notch...or two? Well this post will help you energize and return to your shop with some easy practical ideas.

Project 1: Turning A Three Tiered Vintage Candy or Cake Dish Into A Store Display

Let's start with vintage tiered candy dishes or cake plates. For the most part, many of these fall into the category of bric a brac and can be found in thrift stores everywhere. Of course there are some special ones, but I am talking about the ticky tacky kind...that still have some retro charm...but you won't make a killing on them when you try to re-sell them.
So here is my first tip....convert this tiered cake plate "thing" (not sure what to call it). ...into a store display stand. Yes...turn your Aunt Dottie's "thing" into something useful.
in the photo show, Laura of The Bleu Willow in Simsbury, CT displays colorful tiny sachet pillows in her turquoise tiered dishes. (You can use it for vintage costume jewelry etc .).

Project 2: Open Up Your Vintage Dresser Drawers and Use as A "Shelf" or "Display Mantle"

Desk drawers, dresser drawers, cupboard drawers all can be used for displaying linens, pictures, booklets, etc. If you open the drawer of a dresser drawer, for example, you can use this slightly opened drawer as a "shelf" or "mantle'.

In my shop, "Kitsch n Stuff, I have opened the drawers of an old metal kitchen cabinet to display all my recipe booklets. The key point here is that you display the booklets in the up position, using the open drawer as a easel. While you can certainly store items inside the drawer, I am talking about using the drawer open as an easel . Small collectibles or booklets etc. can be "leaned" or partially stuffed

Project 3 Stuff Small Collectibles and Boutique Items Into A Vintage Baby Cradle or Crib

Space in most shops is critical. Items need to do "double duty". So here is another bright idea.....take an old baby doll crib and use it as a display piece. And who said you have to stick dolls inside. Be creative. Mix and match....wake up your customers.....Who said a crib is only for
baby the rules!


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