Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Moving Older Parents: Get All Your Duct Tape In A Row:Tips On Using Boxes To Move Elderly Parents

Tips About Boxes When Moving Mom And Dad 

I didn't start out being an expert on the topic of moving seniors, but I confess, I have become the go to person on this topic.  Not only do I have personal experience on the matter of moving, but  as editor of I Antique Online.com, I manage many group forums on this topic.

Helping Older Adults Downsize: Tips On Moving

If you follow my blogs (or rambles) you have probably already read some of my tales on older adults downsizing. Today I want to discuss BOXES.
When you get ready for the big day (it will come)...transitioning to a smaller apartment or to a Assisted Living facility or other type of residence, you almost always are going to be
taking belongings in both suitcases and boxes.

If you follow my blogs you know I adore     plastic boxes for moves in an assortment of sizes to use both for the move and to keep later for additional storage under a bed, in a closet or in a storage space. Another favorite type of box of mine are FREE empty cardboard boxes from a nearby Liquor store. These boxes which held bottles are very sturdy and small enough to be easy to handle. These can get dumped later!

Cardboard Liquor Boxes

Liquor boxes usually come with cardboard partitions inside. You want to have some with the partitions and some boxes without. The boxes with compartments are great for packing glassware, vases and other items that need a "cushion". The empty boxes work great for books, cleaning supplies and other odds and ends.

Tips On Marking And Securing Boxes When Moving

Now on the subject of TAPE and MARKING BOXES Do not be a fool, use good packing tape to fortify the bottoms of boxes and to seal when the boxes are packed. But my most important tip is to mark the box both on the top of the box and on one or more sides. Since
most movers stack boxes, it is so much easier to figure out what is inside when you can read your labels on one or more sides of the box!

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  1. Not sure if my last comment took, so forgive me if I repeat....another great source for sturdy packing boxes is your local fast food restaurant. When I moved from Japan, I would ask our local Burger King for their frozen hamburger boxes....these were perfect size for lifting, very sturdy as they are made to ship over 20 pounds. They even have cut out handles. I also used them to ship fragile items with my ebay store. Ask them if you can raid their paper/cardboard bin! and they are usually already broken down, so you can get a nice stack of them.

  2. For larger, hard-to-pack items, Shiphawk.com is a great resource