Sunday, September 8, 2013

Moving Mom And Dad: Getting Help With Knowing What Is An Antique Or Collectible And What To Pack, Dump Or Donate

What You Can Do To Learn About Mom And Dad's Keepsakes And Furniture Before You Move Your Parents 

Everyday now it seems that I am bumping into friends who are preoccupied with moving aging parents here, there and everywhere. While some of these older adults are downsizing from a house into an apartment or moving back from Florida to the Northeast, or transitioning into an Assisted Living residence,  one theme keeps coming up, "how do I know if anything my mother and or father has is valuable?".

Do You Need Help Downsizing Your Mom And Or Dad?

I've covered this topic many times before,  but today I wanted to remind adult children to post pictures of their collections on I Antique This is a free social network for the antique and collectibles world. If  you are trying to figure out if you should pack, dump or donate many of the items you need to deal with before moving an elderly parent, I Antique is a perfect solution for getting some help.

Introducing Whadja Find Group Forum For Helping You Identify, Evaluate And Discuss Market Value of Antiques, Collectibles, Art  
While there are over 200 group forums on I Antique, one popular group  called "Whadja Find"  is as good palce to start when you are clueless about what you have. This very active and friendly group can help you identify, evaluate and discuss the market value of antiques, collectibles, art. Many of the members of "Whadja Find" will even do research for you and get answers. The neat thing is that all of this is free, it is a social network and not an appraisal company.  

How Can I Antique Help You Figure Out If Mom's Furniture And Collectibles Are Valuable? 

So how does this work? You go onto I Antique    and join (free). Then you click on "Whadja Find"  (free) and next you post a comment with a picture(s) of what you want help with. So let's say you are unsure whether the tchotchkes that are covered in dust in your mom's China closet are
collectible or not, you could snap a few photos with your iPhone or camera and post them on I Antique in Whadja Find or actually in any of the other groups as well, i.e. "Depression Glass", "Everyday Pottery" and more. The point is that Whadja Find is a good place to start, because you may not even know what you have to begin with and Whadja Find is a good starting place.

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If you need help regarding Senior Care Services and Eldercare contact my friend Sheri Morris MSW, ACSW, LCSW a very experienced Geriatric Social Worker. Her website is My Senior Care Connection. 

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