Sunday, February 17, 2013

I Antique A SOCIAL Network For Collectors

Having A Ball On A Social Network For Collectors  

I have been writing a series of posts this week about I Antique,  the largest social netork for collectors of antiques and collectibles. While there are many very successful websites and social networks that cater to specific areas of collecting, I Antique is the Grand Central Station, if you will, of the antiques and collectibles world.

Name It, You'll Find Everything For  Collectors On I Antique

Starting with just a few members and a handful of groups and features,when the site debuted in 2008,  the site now has expanded to 12,000 members and over two hundred group forums  for collectors of glassware, China, toys, vintage clothing, jewelry, tools, dolls, kitchenwares, Mid Century, paper, holiday, tea collectibles, ceramics, art, cookie jars, lighting, Pyrex, textiles, linens, buttons, games, Disney, records,  silver, barware, aprons, primitives, Victorian, cottage, furniture, decoys, model trains, marbles, cookbooks and on and on. As they say in the social media biz....the site is maturing.

Bantering About The Good Old Days 

 Recently, I have noticed a trend on the site where members in many of the groups are forming social groups within groups and having a ball. Key to this lighter socializing is when you are fortuunate to have a moderator who keeps all the balls in the air. One of our groups on I Antique is called "The Good Old Days". The moderator, Tom Nichol, needed to leave the community for a extended personal absence last year and his group went flat as can be. When he returned to I Antique and to his groupp "The Good Old Days"  the bantering returned and the group is back to being a real favorite on the site.

"Let's Guess What This Is?" Takes You On A Wild Ride: Hold On

Another fun group on I Antique Online com is named "Let's Guess What This Is ?" In this group a member posts a collectible object that is unique and perhaps not too familiar to many to most people  and the group has to figure out what it is with a series of probing questions. questions.

The posts can be hilarious and the tension  to solve the puzzle palpable. While this group has had a few leaders here and there, I am the overall moderator to this group until I can find just the right person who wants to go along on a wild ride.

Come join Us, You Are Missing Out On So Much Fun

If you haven't made the leap yet to take a visit to I Antique, I oficially invite you to do so today. Here is the link to this wonderful  Social network for collectors and buyers and sellers of antiques and collectibles: 

Vintage costume spotted at Griswold Street Antiques, Glaastonbury, CT

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  1. I am interest in I Antique Online. Do you run it? Is it a great place to sell vintage items?