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I Antique Announces The Antique JOB Connection For People Who Love The Antique World

.I Antique A Social Network For The Antique World That Connects People To Jobs

I am not sure what took me so long,  but this week I decided to add a brand new group to I Antique called "Antique JOB Connection".  I guess sitting on my  couch listening to the news day in and day talk about how hard it is to get a job, I decided I needed to help people find jobs in the Antiquew world. With almost 12,000 members on I Antique, a JOB bank on the site could really be a helpful forum.

Antique JOB Connection: A New Group On The Largest Social Network About Antiques And Collectibles  

The Farm Chicks Show! "Antique JOB Connection" will be a place where people in the antique business, including auction houses, show promoters, museum managers, cultural and art programs etc. can share information about job postings. And it of courase works the other way around, a person who is looking for a particular JOB can use this group as a way to  let others know in our community what antique related job that they are looking for.

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C. Dianne Zweig - Kitsch 'n Stuff: August 2011Read Articles And Posts About Jobs In The Antique World 
On The Largest Antique Social Network

As I always do whenever  I add  a new group, I also start off the groups with lots of  relevant articles on the subject posted in the Forum section of the new group.  In the   "Antique JOB Connection" group you will see numerous  fresh posts on jobs in the Antique world. If you are looking for a job or know someone who is looking for help, please tell them about our group "Antique JOB Connection".

Do You Have A  College Kid Looking For A Great Internship Or Part Time Job?

Interestingly, I discoverred that Sothebys and Christies have Internship programs. You will find that many businesses in the museum, art and Antique world have introductory programs for young people or recent graduates. So if you know a young person or newbie looking for a summer internship or part time positon "Antique job Connection"   is a great place to find out about internships and temporary jobs as well.

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