Monday, February 18, 2013

Has The Popular Drama Series Downton Abbey Influenced Your Antiques And Collectibles Business ?

Are Downton Abbey Fans Looking For Victorian  And Edwardian Style Antiques And Collectibles?

Some say, that the popular English drama series "Downton Abbey" has influenced the antique business and that buyers are showing a renewed interest in Edwardian and Victorian era treasures.  Pause.....I don't know about that.....I can't remember the last time I sold  a teacup or a fancy schmancy dessert plate in my Antique booth, so I'm not personally seeing any Downton trends ?

Mid Century Era Collectibles Upstaging Edwardian Antiques

6812downton.jpgIf you want to know what is really happening with sales in my shop, I might say that my beautiful Victorian Era collectibles have been upstaged by my Mid Century "Hip" kitsch. I come across more and more young couples who are enamored with "Retro" than Edwardian. Which is fine with me, because I never really did get the hang of classifying the various type of spoons one could acquire. I mean there is a lot to learn when it comes to spoons...."Bouilllon" ...."Caviar".....etc.
 I 'm so much more  involved with 1950s plastics than  schmaltzy tableware.

Stocking More Aluminum Than Silver

And it's not just my shop that stocks more aluminum than silver. I travel around to many Antique Malls,  and I dare to say I'm not seeing a lot of silver tea sets or gilt mirrors being carried out the door.  Nor have I heard a great deal of chatter about people searching for opulent chandeliers or upholstered furniture in striking brocades. I do hear customers asking about turquoise vinyl chairs and Formica and chrome dinette sets, however.

 Decorating Your Drawing Room

In conclusion, I 'm just not hearing much buzz from customers hoping to furnish their formal dining room, drawing room or music rooms.

Behind the scenes at DowntonBut, I spend most of my time in Connecticut, so it is possible that my readers are having a much different experience in other parts of the country. I would love to hear from you.... has the series "Downton Abbey" influenced  your antique business in any way? Let's meet back at 4:00pm for a cup of tea and some biscuits and discuss this issue.

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  1. We sold all our Victorian Sterling last Spring as soon as we got it. Haven't found anymore for a price we can afford.