Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cleaning Out Your Refrigerator For The New Year: Becoming Reunited With The Foods In The Back Of Your Refrigerator

A New Year Refrigerator Intervention

Cleaning out the refrigerator for the New Year this morning seemed like a very practical and rewarding thing to do . There is nothing more satisfying that becoming reunited with the sauerkraut that you tucked away in a plastic container and pushed to the very back of your refrigerator. Now sauerkraut is one of the food categories that actually gets better with age. But for the most part, most of what I found in the very back of my refrigerator was no longer recognizable in its orginal form.

"Rejects' In Your Refrigerator

Towards the middle of my refrigerator was some "rejects", foods that sounded like a good idea when I first bought them, but didn't seem to attract any customers. Brueggers Honey Walnut Cream Cheese was passed over by out of town fans of  Phildaelphia Whipped  Cream Cheese with Chives.

Picky Pickers

Another  popular food group which had big support last year but ened up being ignored  over the holidays was my containers of Greek yogurt with fruit. Last year at this time, everyone was going ga ga over yogurt. This season my picky pickers were watching their "sugar".

Fuzzy Foods that Need To Go

But the biggest waste of food belongs to the fruit category. Of course everyone knows that the best way to buy fruit is in small amounts, ripe and daily. That works well when you live in Manhattan and you have an Asian grocery store under your apartment, but it doesn't work well when you live a few miles from your suburban supermarket and you are buying fruit that is either hard like a rock or looks good from the outside but is just waiting to keel over in your refrigerator.

And The Winner Is....Strawberries

Strawberries are the number one fruit I toss out regularly. But strawberries are not alone in the creepy fuzz department. The bigger your refrigerator is and the more kids you have out of the house....the more fuzzy foods you will discover buried in your refrigerator after the holidays.

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  1. I always come away from your blog with a smile! I hope you have a wonderful 2013 filled with lots of new vintage treasures! HaBee New Year!

  2. Too funny, Diane.

    The hubby and I were laughing the other night when I pulled from the back of the frige a pyrex dish with dryed up gravy. Took me a minute to figure out what it was.