Thursday, December 27, 2012

Why Should Antiques And Collectibles Blogs Exhange Links With Other Similar Blogs

Linking Your Blog With Other Antiques And Collectibles Blogs   

Today is a perfect day to do a bit more blogging (snowed in).  I racked up quite a lot of blogging hours this past year and will continue to share many more posts in the months to come. For awhile, I was totally frustrated with the way Blogger was operating. Posting a blog had become a tedious task.

But now, I believe the Blogger bugs have been fixed and blogging has become enjoyable again. My blog readers contine to grow and I am slowly  and carefully increasing my blog link exchanges.

Exchanging Blog Links Is Good Business

When I am poking around I am amazed at how many wonderful blogs there are that I am just learning about. In the spirit of more is better than less,  I am interested in finding new blogs to exchange links with. For newbies that means that I want to add your to my blog roll  (link exchange) and hope that you would add me to yours (reciprocal link).  Many very popular blogs do not seem to have visible blog rolls, yet they still have thousands of followers.  I'm really very techy deliquent despite what many of you think, but I can tell you that it's a very important idea to have link exchanges with others.

Why Websites Want More Links 

Here is what Deb Perlman of the Food Blog Alliance says about links:

Why websites want more links :

Google* uses "link popularity", or the number of links going to a page, to help it rank the relevance of sites. The more links going on your site, the higher your page rank potential. The
more page rank you have, the more likely your site is to come up on the first page of Google search results when someone looks for something that yur site has. The closer your site is to the top of the Google search results  the more traffic. Google sends you, and if you have ads on your site, those additional clicks generate additinal income.

Choosing Who To Exchange Blog Links With

I do want to mention that you should take care about who you decide to exchange links with. Since my blog is about retro, vintage, collectibles, funky, antiques, Mixed Media....I exchange links with similar blogs. I also review carefully who I am linking with. I would also suggest that you put your effort into exchanging links with bloggers who are active and who are making a big effort to grow their blog followers. But, of course you may be obkligated to exchange links with friends in the business or others who maybe sleepy bloggers but have important content that you want to share. 

Share Your Blog Link Ideas

My readers arre welcome to share their experinces and ideas about exchanging links. I'd love to know what some of the biggest blogs do not have link exchanges? Anyone care to offer some insight?


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  1. I will be sure to link you up when I get that part of my blog up (I'll set a goal to have it up by new years eve). You are one of my favorite places to visit. I always learn so much and you have great info and pics. Happy New Year.

  2. AllyJo, let me know when yhou are up and running with your blog, so I can link to you as well.

  3. I get readers to my blog from your Best Junk Collector blog appreciate the shout out and the new readers. Happy Holidays!

  4. I get readers to my blog from your Best Junk Collector blog appreciate the shout out and the new readers. Happy Holidays!

  5. Hi Dianne, I have been following you for some time, read your older posts often and so enjoy them, and I learn so much from you! I want to be linked to your blog, and I intend to write more articles on vintage items, and decorating with them. I am still a beginner with blogging, and I have an Etsy shop. Thank you for all your valuable information, great advice and creative inspiration!
    I hope your holidays are wonderful, and I look forward to reading your blog and more interaction with you in the coming year!
    Blessings! Linda @ Grandmalay's Daydreams