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"Stoop Sales" In Brooklyn

In Search Of The Best "Stoop Sales" in Brooklyn To Find Antiques And Collectibles

Thirty plus years ago I bopped around Long Island attending "garage or yard sales". Then I moved to New England and had to adapt to the term "tag sales". Now I am back in New York visiting the kids and I am introduced to "stoop sales", especially when I am poking around in Brooklyn.

Schlepping Around Brooklyn's Brownstones

The first time I saw a "stoop sale" in action, I had a hearty laugh. Oh much could you fit on a stoop? And where do you park to attend a "stoop sale". I mean, during my last soiree to Park Slope, by the time I found a parking spot for lunch, it was time for dinner.

Stumbling On A Groovy Stoop Sale

So now let's say while looking for a place to have a nice lunch, you are fortunate enough to stumble upon a few groovy "stoop sales"....what on earth would you even do with the goodies that you might want to buy? Tell me, how exactly do buyers schlepp their STUFF to their cars that might easily be parked 12 blocks away? Or what about the young couples without cars?

Oh, the joy of living in suburbia, where you can drive right up to a "tag sale" to haul away your mother load.

Where to Find "Stoop Sales"

But when in Brooklyn, you do need to get used to junking on concrete follow your nose to the Brownstones where the "stoop sales" are held. Before I continue...did I mention my fear of high places? I'm not a big fan of climbing up too high to go "picking" for antiques and collectibles.

Basically I am afraid of height...unless of course we are taking about Brooklyn Heights or Prospect Height where many of these "stoop sales" are popping up. Luckily, my acrophobia relaxes when I'm out hunting for bargains. It is amazing how one can quell a little anxiety when distracted by a good "stoop sale"!

By the way, you will also find lots of "stoop sales" in Park Slope, Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, Carroll Gardens and Ditmas & Prospect Park. See resources below for more info.

Displaying Your Stuff At A Stoop Sale

"Stoop Sales" are generally artistically staged with the items for sale displayed on the steps leading to the "stoop" or other objects such as clothing and textiles draped or hung over iron gates and railings. Many "stoop sales" spill over to the "sidewalk" at the base of the steps which led to the stoop ...but still the term "stoop sale" is used and not "sidewalk sale" ...go figure. Anyway you map out your turf, there isn't a lot of room.

Which Junk Needs A Permit?

Folks in Brooklyn can get a bit competitive about who has a true "stoop sale" and who is running a street business without a permit. I guess it boils down to how diversified your junk is. A lot of the same junk every week is a business, an occasional exhibition of your old dishes, books and lamps seems to qualify as a true "stoop sale" and the police seem to be more tolerant.

Resources About Stoop Sales

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  1. Enjoyed your post very much. I grew up in Chicago from about 6th grade on in the late 60's. Sales such as these were just starting to rear their heads. When I moved to Indiana in the 70's they called them "rummage sales." I hated the word, not sure why. I always loved the name "tag sale" but have never lived where they used it. Here its always garage sales no matter where it is now. Rummage sale is a name of the past, thank heavens! Loved your pictures.