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Displaying and Using Colorful Vintage Glassware For the Holidays

When you visit my antique shop "Kitsch N Stuff" at The Collinsville Antiques Company of New Hartford, CT you will notice that I live for COLOR! (Except in my home which is NEUTRAL).

But in my shop I just love buying kitchen collectibles and textiles in vibrant colors that were popular during the colorful eras of the postwar years.

As you can imagine, when I am out shopping (something I will be doing as soon as I finish this post), I am attracted to shops and booths that display their items for sale in elaborate and colorful arrangements. At this time of the year
I pay attention to how other dealers bring in the holiday razzle dazzle.

While my main focus has always been the buying and selling of everyday vintage housewares and kitchen accessories, I still am very much attracted to beautiful displays of decorative and practical glassware.

Mixing the Old With The New at The Holidays

The holidays is a wonderful time to bring out all your colorful vintage glassware or start looking for some additional pieces for your holiday entertaining.

Many people have inherited odds and ends as well as special decorative pieces from family members and are now stuck on what to do with such items from grandma or a favorite aunt.

Well as you have noticed, "vintage" is hotter than ever and now is the time to blend the old with the new. The nice part about using a family heirloom is that there usually is a colorful or nostalgic story that goes with the acquired piece.

In fact, I was heart broken to discover a few days ago, that my favorite glass depression era mixing bowl from Aunt Dotty was chipped. The chip was on the "foot" of the bowl, so I suppose I can still hold onto to it. So many holidays were spent with Aunt Dotty and the bowl is just so special to me.

If you own some colorful pieces, take them out of storage and use them. You can also shop for other pieces and use these vintage gems in your holiday displays and for entertaining. You will find many wonderful antique dealers in Connecticut. I am delighted to share with you some great places to find vintage glassware for the holidays.

Meet Linda at Collinsville Antiques Company of New Hartford

In my own antique mall, opposite my shop (booth) is Linda, who is a wizard at showing customers just how lovely older glassware can look when a table is set.

Linda's prices are very fair and she moves items in and out very quickly. Her booth displays are always changing and it is so much fun to visit her shop and see what she has come up with for each holiday.

Visiting Salmon Brook Shops of Granby, CT and Coffee Trade Antiques of Avon, CT

Salmon Brook Shops of Granby, Ct is another multi-dealer shop where you will find a huge selection of colorful glassware arranged in very tasteful and inviting displays. Owner Sharon and others (Joan) are pros at exhibiting vintage finds. Joan also owns Coffee Trade Antiques in Avon, Ct a coffee emporium with a huge collection of fine and everyday glassware and ceramics.

Patti's Treasure and Antiques of Windsor. CT

Patti's Treasure and Antiques of Windsor. CT is a frequent stop for me when I am out antiquing (which is all the time). At Patti's store, every nook and cranny of her shop (a former home) is packed with goodies and yet there is no evidence of dust anywhere. The same can be said of Linda's shop at The Collinsville Antiques Company and Sharon's glassware displays at Salmon Brook.

Linda, Patti and Sharon while in three different stores are three gals who have been selling collectibles for years and are serious about how their shops look. These gals fuss all the time and you can see the terrific results.

When you visit Patti's Treasures you will first be introduced to a main room filled from floor to ceiling with costume jewelry. In several additional rooms on the first floor you will find kitchen collectibles, decorative glassware and ceramics, doll accessories, old prints and wall decor. Upstairs is Patti's collection of vintage clothing, textiles and sewing collectibles.

Mixing Colorful Glassware Together

In my last visit to Patti's treasures I was delighted to photograph her collection of colored glassware and ceramics. As you can see in these photos, Patti (like Linda and also Sharon) has a knack for creating colorfulorful galssware displays.

Treat yourself to a trip to these wonderful shops and enjoy browsing and shopping for the holidays.

Shops to Visit for Colorful Glassware

Collinsville Antiques Company, New Hartford, CT

Salmon Brook Shops, Granby CT

Patti's Treasures & Antiques, Windsor. CT

Coffee Trade Antiques, Avon, CT

The Old Carriage Shop, Litchfield, CT

Photos courtesy of the shops mentioned above.

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  1. Dianne, I wonder if you realize that you kind of contradict yourself in this article. You say that you were heartbroken to discover the chip on Dotty's bowl, right? I presume the chip came about because you use the bowl. Then you encourage people to bring out their vintage and use it - but the reason some people may not use their vintage stuff, especially pieces that are sentimental (doesn't matter with pieces that you just find, like and use) is precisely because they don't want it chipped or outright broken. You know those well meaning relatives who come to the holiday feast and want to help, but don't understand how to use, handle or clean vintage items. They bang a spoon on the side of your favorite Jadite mixing bowl, or try to put the delicate glassware in the dishwasher. Right?? So, for me, I use vintage pieces for parties all the time, but not the stuff that really means something to me or that would be hard to take if something happened to it. That stays in the china closet and only comes out when I know it's me handling it, not some well meaning but potentially clumsy person who just doesn't get it.