Thursday, October 8, 2009

Burlington Inn Antiques a New Eclectic Group Shop With A Colorful, Whimsical, Fine Country Flair

When was the last time you saw an advertisement in your local paper promoting the opening a new antique store? Closings yes...openings..... fewer and far between. So I was thrilled to read about a new opening. I clipped that ad right out of the Yankee Flyer (our local classified newspaper) and just knew I was heading out to Route 4 in Burlington, CT. the next day.

I am always excited to try out a new antique shop for the first time, wondering for hours in advance, what I will find when I get there. Will it be a fancy place? Or a snooty place? Perhaps it will be a tiny shop with bric-a-brac or a large market with average stuff or a grand emporium with good ole stuff.

By daybreak my engine was running and I eagerly called the phone number in the ad and established that indeed "Burlington Inn Antiques" was open for business. Like a race horse out the gate, I couldn't wait to find out just what kind of shop "Burlington Inn Antiques was".

I'll be honest, I imagined that when I arrived, I would find a tiny little country shop. Well, I got the country right......but not the tiny. What I found was a impressive eclectic group shop focusing on lovely fine country antiques, furnishings and original artwork.There was also a prominent display of Asian antiques, Western collectibles, Militaria, dolls, jewelry, glassware, rugs and home decor.

Once the Burlington Inn, this stately building located on picturesque Route 4 in Burlington, CT is the perfect setting for a Multi-dealer shop. Several dealers are former tenants of the recently closed Balcony Antiques in nearby Canton.

According to the owner, there is not an inch of open floor or wall space left in this lovely new center. Burlington Antiques had an easy time leasing vendor and showcase space. And had just gotten a delivery of lovely glass cases which will soon be filled more smalls, silver, jewelry, vanity items and more.

The Burlington Inn Antiques center was tastefully decorated with a little bit of a whimsical flair. Colorful carefully organized displays demonstrated a real interest in detail and creativity. Apparently several generations are involved with this new multi-dealer shop and all the family members are fussing over the warm and inviting displays. There is something for everyone....have a great time visiting this lovely new antique center.

Burlington Inn Antiques

304 Spielman Highway
Route 4
Burlington, CT

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