Friday, March 6, 2009

Wake Up Your Antique Showcase With an Element of Surprise

How to Grab Your Customer's Attention
It’s fun to find antiques stores with lots of goodies both out in the open and locked away in glass showcases. But sometimes in larger stores or antique malls the shopper is flooded with so much to look at that some treasures simply get lost. How can you grab the attention of your customer and get your enclosed showcase items to stand out?

Making Brown "Pop"
There are many tricks to making your arrangements “pop” as they say in the trade. Very often “color” is used to organize a display or to accent a display. But what happens when you have objects with a lot of “brown” and “golden tones” which recede and can be easily be missed when a person is strolling through a large store?

Adding an Element of Surprise

The answer may be to add an element of surprise to the mix. Shake it up, do something unexpected such as adding something to the display that makes no sense but calls out “look at me”. That is exactly what one store owner did in her shop called “Pretty Funny Antiques” in Tarrytown, New York. She woke up a sleepy jewelry and vanity collectibles display by organizing her showcase with of all things, flash cards from the 1950’s.

What's Going On Here?
Not only did this clever idea awaken my baby boomer nostalgic longings for my grade school days but it made me want to “look” at what was going on in this jewelry showcase . The flashcards also made me think “what is going on here?” I even turned around to my husband and asked him to take a peek at this quirky display. The shop owner accomplished quite a lot by adding this simple element of surprise to her case.

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