Sunday, February 2, 2014

Downsizing Your Home: Delay Tactics We Use To Hold Onto Stuff

Do You Save Old Things In Hiding Places To Avoid Parting With Your Collections?  

How can I be writing about downsizing a home when I am one of the biggest savers on the planet.
Besides collections of  this and that, I also am a bookaholic. I suppose I should be proud of my extensive collection of books since I hated reading in grade school. But it really is time to unload some of my "diet books" and "cookbooks" . I can't even believe I bought a book about how to convert every recipe by cooking with TOFU.

Are Your Closets Stuffed With Home Decorating Magazines? 

Oh and before I forget, I also buy way too many magazines and have stacks of  "Country Living", "Martha Stewart Living" and the once popular Mary Engelbreit "Home" piled up in one of my bedroom closets. I won't even go into the
discussion of how many old ski jackets I have hanging around or turtleneck tops I keep stored in plastic boxes. The turtlenecks went out in style for me when I no longer needed to keep my neck WARM because my hormones took over than job!

Why do we buy so much and save so much? Some people like ME....have what I call delay tactics which result in moving saved stuff around  instead of dumping old stuff.

Ways To Delay Dumping Stuff You Own That Needs To Be Gotten Rid Of

1. Open up an antique booth and move some of your collection to a new space (cheap storage).

2. Hide your old clothes that you don't wear anymore in plastic boxes instead of giving to others.

3. Bury boxes of children's toys in places in your home that you can't get to.

4. Schelp ridicuous memorabilia and junk (i.e. rusty road sign
your kid came home with in High School) up to your attic and hope the A/C mechanic doesn't kill himself when he is up there.

5. Pretend to be cleaning out stuff when in truth you are just organizing stuff to accomodate more stuff.

6. Keeping multiple refrigerators and freezers so that you can buy six loaves on bread and freeze and then decide the bread is too old to use.

Readers please add your delay tactics to this list on how you hold onto to stuff instead of throwing out.  

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  1. Oh my, how I relate! I opened a store so I can move out stuff out of my basement, and use the money to buy more! Of course I have to "organize" my collections too!

  2. LoooooL ! this made me laugh, my parents allll over.