Sunday, February 23, 2014

Is This The Last Shabbat For The Crown Kosher Market In West Hartford, CT ?

Can We Save The Best Of The Crown Market....The Crown Jewels....Kosher Meat....Appetizing....Bakery  

It's taken me days to absorb the news that The Crown Market has announced their closing. I visited the Crown on Friday and wondered if this was indeed the last Shabbat for The Crown Market .

Shopping At "The Crown Market" Is An Experience...   

Going to The Crown Market in West Hartford, CT is never a quick in and out visit because you seem to bump into the world at The Crown. In fact at times it is easier to track down someone you are looking for in front of the appetizing section ordering Patrami than via email. And it is always lovely to catch up with members of the community that  you haven't seen in years as you reach for a challah.

Mourning The Old Crown Market

I have heard members of our community say that they are in essence "sitting Shiva for The Crown", expressing just how profoundly this announced closing will affect each of us.
Perhaps like with other significant losses we experience in life, one can never go back and re-create what we had.  We can only hold onto our favorite and dear memories but we can never really replace again what was.

Let's Be Honest...The Crown Is Aging

Let's be honest, The Crown is aging...  the equipment is failing, the fixtures are old and plenty of beloved staff have moved on. But is there still enough spirit left to revitalize the exisitng Crown or build again and create a new version of The Crown Market?        

Can There Be A New Crown Market: A New Independent Kosher Market In West Hartford? 

What we might hope for is that there might be a new Crown, perhaps one that I might call "Crown Jewels" which might keep offering the community the best of Kosher foods and Israeil products in a Haimish environment. I envision a store   with a Kosher butcher, deli, bakery, prepared foods and   speciality products.

Let's Preserve An Independent Kosher Market In Connecticut 

I prayed this Shabbat that The Crown... in some form... is saved. I hope as many of us as possible will continue to support the efforts to preserve an independent Kosher market in our community where we can bump into each other and ask "so how are the kids...where are they now?"

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