Monday, February 17, 2014

Downton Abbey Countess Violet Invited To Visit "My Cup Of Tea: Tea Antiques and Collectibles Group"

Violet, Dowager Countness of Grantham would visit "My Cup of Tea Antiques and Collectibles Group"  on I Antique if she wasn't so busy helping granddaughter Edith Crawley pack for Switzerland 

This post is for all our Downton Abbey fans. I can't believe there is only one remaining episode for this fourth season. Where did the time go? Perhaps you would like to join others  and chat about our fondness for Downton over a cup of tea?  We can meet in a wonderful online group called  "My Cup Of Tea: Tea Antiques and Collectibles Group"  which you will find on my site I Antique

Invitation To Violet Dowager  Countness For Tea This Afternoon

I have invited Violet, Dowager Countness of Grantham but her schedule is just so busy that I can't be sure when she will arrive she. I imagine that she is just so busy figuring out what to do about all the comings and goings in her family.   I'm almost certain she is terribly preoccupied with her granddaughter Edith Crawley. It looks like poor Edith is off to Switzerland with her Aunt Rosamund. But if she could, I know she would want to try to stop by and visit with the members of our Tea Group if not today than during the week.

Vintage Tea Related Articles On I Antique

Before I forget, I have heard from others that Violet is quite impressed with all the forum posts in  "My Cup of Tea Antiques and Collectibles Group"   a group for collectors of teacups, teapots and tea accessories. I know she would want to reserve some time for this charming collectors group if she could. My sense is that now that Robert is back at the castle, she has a lot to do to mend all the family dramas before he catches on. Violet sends her regards to all and hopes to see you soon either in the group or at Downton.  

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