Sunday, January 26, 2014

Common Excuses We Use To Save Old Or Outdated Vintage Stuff

Are You A Saver of Old Vintage Stuff? 

Do you save the winter time to organize your clutter? If the answer is is not exactly "yes",  then we are in the same club. I tell myself in the warmer months that I'll have plenty of indoor time during the winter months to straighten out
my piles of STUFF. I convince myself to save the big clean out projects for a nice snowy day.

Are You In The Mood To Visit Your Basement ?

Every now and then, I actually venture down to my basement and take a looky around and think.....I'm not in the mood today, maybe next week. And as you might imagine, weeks creep by and I'm back to Spring time and the last thing I want to do is stay indoors and clean out my basement when the weather is warm and the birds are chirping.

Common Excuses We Use To Save Old Or Outdated Vintage Stuff

I have developed a list of the common excuses we use why we do not throw out clutter that accumulates in our basment. Please feel free to add to this list.

1. You never know when you might need birthday plates with fire engines on them.

2. Graduation paper cups.....2011 can become 2014 or 2021very easily.

3. You might need children's boots in case some stray children show up at your door and want to build a snowman in your front yard.

4. In case your GPS fails you can choose one of the 768 tattered and torn maps you are saving.

5. They may call a Retro day at the beach this summer and your boom box radio will be fabulous!

6. It might be fun to have a Halloween picnic this summer and set the table with black and orange plastic forks and knives from a 1982 Halloween fest.

7. You can re-gift all the coffee mugs that your kids gave you that say Happy 40th, 50th, 60th etc. birthday. You can give them back to your kids!

8. Harvesting old jigsaw puzzle down in the basement is not such a bad idea...  you may one day find the missing pieces in your kitchen drawer,

READERS, please add to this list!!!!!!!!!!

Airplane and puzzle  photos are courtesy of House of Young 

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  1. Great list! Yea, I find I save some random crap and then I try to justify it....some of my kids toys that I think may be collectible one day...character stuff. Books....Anything I feel bad adding to the landfill, I donate to art school as they do a lot of mixed media type things. Thankfully I have a handle of things, so far. Otherwise you'd see me on Hoarders. hahah

  2. My father used to say "Save something for seven years and you will find a use for it.!"

  3. Because not everybody has a sunburst clock that is so cool, but so what if it doesn't work, it's got a 10 on the cool factor scale and I'll use it somewhere...they don't make em like that any more ya know.

  4. Old VHS tapes in a box and you don't even have a player anymore. Old poloroid cameras and no film. Expired film...

  5. I have an antique shop and over the years, I've found jars and jars of old screws in box lots from auctions. I probably have a bushel basket full. Over the last decade, I have actually sorted them and categorized them by type and size. In twelve years, I would say I have been able to find two or three screws in this "collection" that were the right size I needed when repairing an old piece of furniture. I still can't get myself to throw them out.

  6. The other half of that is around here somewhere.

    And speaking of cameras, there are 2 good sides left on this flashcube!

  7. I think I am a hoarder, I think I will find an altered use for everything! Smiles, Cyndi