Friday, January 10, 2014

What Are You Saving In Your Office Drawer That Has Past It's Prime Time ?

Are Your Old Office Supplies Collectible Or Trash?

It is one thing to save an old typewriter because it brings back fond memories (o.k. not so fond memories of having to make corrections on term papers over and over again). But it is another thing to hold onto bags of aging rubber bands. You think you are being practical by accumulating lots of terrifc rubber bands in all sizes, but guess what, old RUBBER BANDS get brittle and fall apart!

When Was The Last Time You Cleaned Out Your Office Drawer ?

When was the last time you cleaned out your office drawer?  What exactly is still in that drawer? Highlighter markers that are dried out? Staplers without matching staples? You get the point.....there is a lot of stuff in your desk drawers that you are saving way past their expiration date.

Collecting Office Drawer Stuffers

Which brings me to my next thought. Why do we save so much stuff that we know is not really "alive" or useful anymore. O.k. I'm exaggerating a little bit, a dried out magic marker  or rubber band was never really "alive" and "now not alive",  but let's agree these office drawer stuffers are more similar to a fossil than the Philodendron sitting on your window sill. What good is a ink depleted marker or a rubberband that is ready to crumble?

I say when office drawer occupants are no longer able to perform their duties it is time for a honorable burial.  

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  1. I have to admit...if we see a smaller "office drawer stuffer" with a cool vintage design, we definitely consider bringing it home with us! (Rob)

  2. I have an old manual dictaphone in its original brief case. Don't know if its worth anything but it sure is awesome.(will post pics soon)