Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Downsizing A Home To Remedy The Decorating Mistakes You Made Over A Lifetime

Downsizing Isn't What You Think It is About

I have been giving a lot of thought to the concept of "downsizing" lately. At first I considered  the topic of "downsizing" as a process where you purge a lot of your junk and eventually move into a smaller place such as a condo where someone else rakes your leaves. But I have to be honest, this whole concept of "downsizing"  is indeed more dynamic  and exciting than practical. One person's downsize is another person's upsize. And many people are really having a "lifestyle change" more than giving up space.

Downsizing And Going Larger

Recently I met a woman who "downsized" from a 5000 square foot home to a 3000 square foot condo. For her this was a significant "downsize". Another couple I bumped into last week, "downsized" by leaving a small family ranch style home to move to what is actually a larger townhouse condo.   They still called this a "downsize" because they "threw out" all their old stuff.

Downsizing To Get A Better Look 

Which brings me to another related aspect of the "downsize" matter....just how many couples I talk with who "downsize" to create a new and exciting nest. The goal is a new look and not necessarily a streamlined condo.

Downsizing To Play House Again

So basically what I am getting at, is that the whole idea of "downsizing" to a condo isn't exactly about going into smaller quarters. Even getting beyond the original plan for many to eliminate the chores of maintaining a lawn, shoveling snow etc. and gaining other conveniences. Many couples take the leap to move to a condo for other reasons such as to see new faces and have a chance to play house again one more time. Let's face it, it is fun to buy new towels,  to junk your old kitchen set for something   more stylish and  to remedy the decorating mistakes you
have made over a lifetime.

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  1. I just went from a 2000 square foot home to 3000 square feet and I still don't seem to have enough room. Of course, here we don't have basements or usable attics (due to the heat and humidity). I have stuff crammed into closets, but I tell my kids that someday they will have an estate sale they can be proud of.

  2. Even though we moved to a bigger house, our old house had a bigger kitchen and more storage. So we still had to downsize all of our kitchen goods. Bummer. Kitchens are usually my favorite room. I'd take a huge kitchen in exchange for our huge bedroom.