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The Retro Kitchen: Are You A Pink Plastics Collector Or A Cute Red Pyrex Person?

The Retro Kitchen: What Category Do Your Fall Into As A Collector?

More atomic glasses.I thought it was about time to discuss "The Retro Kitchen".  If you are passionate about vintage kitchens you know that what is "retro" to one person is not "retro" to another. Some of my collector friends who adore the 1950s, not only use kitchen collectibles as decorative  accessories, but they actually use the  stuff in their kitchen.

Kitchen Houseware Collectors Fall Into Two Main Categories

HomeI  divide "Retro kitchen" people into two main categories ...."Retro pink aqua yellow" and "Retro yellow red white green" collectors.  Both types are "Retro" but they decorate their kitchens very differently and they seem to approach the whole retro life style very differently as well.


The plastic people like AQUA-PINK-YELLOW . They love aluminum, stainless steel, glassware and  PLASTICS.

Google Image Result for, bomerangs, starbursts and abstract textiles tickle their fancy.  While I do not have any hard research, it appears to me that the PINK/AQUA boomerang-ish collectors are more likely to also have Retro style bathrooms and cool barware. In fact I would take this one step further and say that for many of these passionate pink people are very artsy, quirky, creative types living in Metropolitan areas for the most part.


In the red-yellow-white-green group,  CUTE is the operative theme. Embroidered pot holders, vintage aprons, roosters, florals, Pyrex and  ceramic bowls are their comfort zone. This is not to say that you will not

find some collectors who buy a little bit of everything, but my expereince is that the majority of collectors  are either in the PINK PLASTICS  group or the RED CUTE group.

Red Plastics A Sub-Category Of Retro Kitchen Collectors

Vintage Bird Egg Cup (Pink Piccadilly Pastries)I should mention that some RED YELLOW GREEN WHITE collectors do indeed buy plastics, but their taste in plastics is still CUTE, generally having floral decals or being paired with cute shelving paper or vintage textiles.

Does Age Or Gender Play A Role In What You Collect In YOur Retro Kitchen? 

So I ask my readers....what group are you in? Does age play a role in what colors you collect? What about men and women? I have a lot of kitchen collectibles customers who are are men who love the pink/aqua/yellow collectibles. I'd love to hear more about what got you started in your collections and if the retro life style expands beyond your kitchen?

P.S. Mid-Century collectors are  in a different category.

As most of you already know.....Mid-Century is the hot era right now. However, the PINK PLASTIC collectors are not the same as the Mid Century collectors who are after   higher end designer ceramics and kitchenwares.

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  1. My enamel topped kitchen table was in my grandparent's house when my dad was a boy in the 1940's. It's yellow with a green boarder, so I guess that means I'm leaning toward the greens and yellows.

  2. I am deff a mixture of both! Pink, turquoise and red! Although I must say my kitchen is red and white for some time now, I am still loving red! I have vintage red salt and pepper shakers, a vintage red bread box, red depression glass handles for my vintage cabinets, red glass canisters etc etc!
    I do LOVE red! It is great in the kitchen, very cheerful. I also LOVE pink and turquoise.....right now I am not tired of the red theme but maybe when I am I will do pink and turquoise. And I do love mid century so I am all of the 3 =)

  3. i wonder if the year i was born (1956) has to do with collecting items of my era. i am a red/white/green/yellow wannabe (i don't have a house that i can decorate the way i want to right now.) i do have a few things packed away though.

  4. I am 52 and I collect both. Reds are the easiest items to find in this neck of the woods. I'd buy more pinks and blues if I could find them locally.