Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Creating Painted Papers For Mixed Media Collage Using Cheap Brushes And Old Coated Postcards

Funky Ways To Apply Paint When Making Painted Papers For Mixed Media Collage

On on a roll, making painted papers for my Mixed media collages. Recently I moved around the supplies and materials in my art studio to bring my tools and paints in closer range when I'm have a delightful art frenzy.

Painting Papers

I thought it might be useful to describe more about how I work, sharing some of  my art making process with you. What follows is a discussion about some ways to apply paint when you are creating your own painted papers.

Vary Your Brush Stokes When Painting Mixed Media Papers For Collage

When you are making painted papers, you will want to vary your brush strokes and mark making strategies to  allow your painted papers to show depth, interest and layers of paint. To begin with I am very lazy, and do not like washing brushes.
More Freedom With Cheap Paint Brushes

I do however keep on hand some cheap brushes that I buy in Job Lot (discount store) for adding dry brush strokes onto the paper. The nastier the brushes get, the better they work because they  create funky and unpredicatble strokes. If I do want more of a wash look on the papers, I simply wet these same brushes and apply the paint causually, sometimes placing a dry piece of paper on top of the wet painted paper. I'm not concerned about caring for these brushes in the same way as I would pamper my brushes that can cost  $25.00  or more.

Applying Paint With Folded Coated Postcards

Back to the way I like to work. When I get coated postcards in the mail anouncing an art show or exhibit, I save these cards to use at a later time when I am painting papers.   I fold the postcard  several times and dip into paint and  swipe the card across the paper. I also work on several different painted papers at the same time. Sometimes I add marks first to the paper and cover portions with paint and other times I scribble over dried paint with a Sharpie pen.
I may use paint brushes, swiped cards or a putty knife to apply paint. I let the paint mingle from one sheet of paper to another and encourage strange color combinations at times.

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