Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"The New Normal" On NBC: The Ouch Factor

 "The New Normal" Provocative, Funny, Painful 

I'm always a few episodes behind (on everything), but yesterday, I caught up on the new NBC show "The New Normal" (Ryan Murphy - Glee). The beauty of On Demand T.V., I was able to watch the pilot and episode 2 before the realtime show (episode 3) which aired last night at 9:30.

Before I go into my take on this show, I want to reassure my loyal vintage kitchen kitsch followers that I will indeed return to my usual "safe" posts after I express my views on this timely, funny and provocative show.

 Gay T.V. Mastermind Ryan Murphy

"The New Normal" explores the life of a gay couple (played by Andrew Rannells and Justin Bartha), who love each other very much and make the decision to have a surrogate ( Georgia King) carry their baby. OY.....I can hear the reaction of some of my readers. Stay challah.

GAY Is "In"

I suppose, every other topic has been explored (and exploited) on television so now it is "their" turn. As you might imagine, as gay inspired television shows break new ground,  there is a lot to talk about.  For sure "The New Norrmal" is a T.V. show  that will ruffle a few feathers. (I'm thinking the folks at Chick- fil-A   ?) .

There will be those viewers who focus on the chutzpah of showing gays on primetime  mainstream television. Not to mention the naysayers who can't handle gay couples showing affection for each other. Imagine that...a show about a loving couple who wants to raise a child in a loving family.  How novel?

Other viewers (like me) will be struck by the harshness of the dialogue and the shocking comments made by constricted mean spirited characters.

Ellen Barkin: Bigot par Excellance 

I warn you.....watching "The New Normal" is not simply lighthearted , it is often painfully blunt. That is what I am calling "The Ouch factor" ( not to be confused with the X factor).  It is very hard to see the character of Nana (Ellen Barkin) as the BIGOT par excellance, spit out her cruel and hurtful comments about gays and others. Her remarks are so crude that the audience isn't sure whether to laugh or to reach for an analgesic to numb the misery.

I wanted to cry when another bigot at an outlet mall asks Bryan and David not to kiss in public in front of his daughter. He refers to them having a baby as disgusting.  I cringed with hurt for all the gay couples and families who experience this hatred and intolerance everyday, everywhere. ENOUGH already......GROW UP ....where are the peaceniks?

It's tough to look at our T.V. screens and see our society in the mirror. I should mention however that  "The New Normal" is an equal opportunity show, gays are not the only ones bashed in this series ....plenty of digs (INSULTS) go out to others...such a shanda!  I'm hoping shows like this will raise some's time to deal with these difficult topics.

Mr. Rogers Are You Listening From Your New Neighborhood?

Remember when "All In The Family"  debuted ? My my what Archie Bunker said on TELEVISION
Are you sitting down....."The New Normal" makes "All In The Family" look like an episode of Captain Kangaroo..... I sure do miss The Captain and Mr Greenjeens (they had a calming effect on me). Where are they now .....when we need more lessons on tolerance and playing nice.

Make Room For Daddy

Mr. Rogers are you listening from your new neighborhood ? Send us some messages from above....what is your take on the new gay T.V. shows?

Oh here is a message that just arrived from the zippered sweater man from his new neighborhood: I'll paraphrase it:

the times ... they are  changing.....slowly, but in a good way ... we are moving forward. There  is a new normal...... so "Make Room For Daddies". 

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  1. I couldn't agree more!!! It's a great show, and so are the points you made! :)

  2. I really enjoyed your view of the show. If only there were more people out there that think the way that you do. I identified with a lot of the same things you did and that’s one of the many reasons why I decided to watch the show. It’s not just about gay people; it’s not just about bigots: it’s about family in every sense of the word. So I’ve got my Hopper set to record this new show and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s interesting to see how the show handles situations that do occur in real life and makes us aware that those overly sensitive people do exist. Some of my DISH co-workers are rooting for the show to continue on and hopefully the ratings will be good enough for that to happen. I’m looking forward to this show hanging around for a while.

  3. Thank you for this post, my daughter is gay, so far she has not suffered from discrimination or any crap for bigots....thanks again