Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Advice On Buying Melamine Collectibles In Lots

Kitschy Melamine And Melmac Kitchenwares

I always get excited when I spot Melamine dishes, especially when colorful pieces are grouped together with a "lot" price. But after I calm down, I analyze what it is I am actually buying? Vintage 

Melamine is very easy to find  on eBay and other online sites. Some collectors enjoy putting sets together piece by piece, but as a shop owner interested in the resale value of what I am buying,  it is important for me to consider whether this relatively inexpensive kitchenware will take up more shelf space than it's worth.  

From experience, I would suggest buying "lots" that at least contain four or more dishes of the same color and pattern. For example, four green  cereal bowls or four green cups with their matching saucer.  Beware of buying a hodgepodge of plastics....they generally sit and take up too much space.   

Also look over these popular plastics for scratches and wear.  

Photo taken at http://seymourantiques.com/

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