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Tips Every Frugal Retro Housewife Needs To Know About Keeping Home

Retro Reliable Household Advice The Thrifty Kitsch Household Series

If you have not completed a proper degree in household management, than this post is sure to help you become the frugal housewife you always wanted to be. Thanks to experts like the esteemed Gold Medalist (Flour) gal, Lily Haxworth Wallace, we have lots of retro reliable advice.

Things Worth Knowing About Managing Your Household

To Avoid Slipping on Icy Sidewalks:

Cut good sized discs of felt and attach these with rubber cement to the soles of a pair of rubbers. Two sets will probably last all winter and the feeling of safety is wonderful.

To Wash Water Bottle

That have become stained,put in newspaper torn into shreds, then half fill with hot soapy water in which has been dissolved a little washing soda, Let stand for about a half hour, shaking occasionally. Rinse with clear water, drain and dry.

To Prevent Salt From Lumping:

Mix it with cornstarch in the proper proportions of three teaspoons of cornstarch to one cup of salt.

Rag Bags:

In an upstairs closet or store room, have several bags of varying sizes, in which may be placed as they accumulate, pieces of dress materials, trimmings, old cotton and linen for repairing, etc. It is a good plan to have the bags made of a piece of the same kind of material that they are to contain, so that no time may be lost in searching for the right one.

To Clean a Sponge:

That has become slimy and unpleasant, soak it in milk for several hours, wring out and rinse thoroughly in warm water to which has been added a teaspoon of carbolic acid.

A Few Drop Of Oil of Lavender:

Scattered through a book case, in a closed room, will save a library from mould (sic) in damp weather .

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Let us know if you try any of these tips and remember these are the household hints of an Edwardian expert.

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