Monday, February 21, 2011

Entertaining Retro Style With Colorful Lazy Susan Snack Dishes And Party Trays

Time To Have A Retro Party And Take Out Your Vintage Party Trays And Snack Sets

Entertaining Retro style can be so much fun. And you can really get mixy matchy here and put together snack and beverage items that are from different decades but when placed together they look really cool.

I'.m loving the Lazy Susan shown on top with great 1950s colors and ceramic snack dishes that fit together like a puzzle. Why on earth don't more people use these treasures at home parties?

Mix And Match Retro Party Serving Pieces

And look how fab the yellow ball pitcher (probably 40s) is with the 1970s snack tray? A match made in vintage heaven. I have no idea about the age of the colorful cocktail glasses sitting on the tray, but the whole ensemble works.

Using A Lazy Susan Tray For Organizing Craft Items

You will find a full range of vintage snack sets and trays out there. My experience has been that they do not fly out the door of most shops, so you will be able to find your dream colors. You can even find two tier ones like the orange and white Lazy Susan below. Besides serving refreshments with these compartmentalized dishes, they are great for displaying vintage jewelry in a shop or using in a home craft studio to organize small items such as buttons, beads, trinkets etc.!

Photos Courtesy of The Seymour Antiques Company, Seymour CT.

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