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I Antique A Friendly Social Network For Antique Lovers

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Do people who like to go out junking and antiquing dig Social Networks? Of course...anywhere you can find STUFF is a potential goldmine. And now with way too much snow everywhere, it is really a plus to be able to hang out (indoors) with others who share similar collecting interests.

Finding Your Way Around I Antique If I Learned...You Can Learn

I know a lot about this topic, because I am the Editor and co-founder (along with Scott Liscomb) of I Antique, which is the largest free social network on antiques and collectibles. At first when I moved into the world of online communities I was totally clueless. Now I am semi clueless, but at least I now can find my way through "Group Forums", "Comment Walls" and I know how to "Upload Photos" and post blogs etc. This is amazing progress for me, a techy phobic person who still does not have a Facebook account. But I did see the movie (Social Network)!

Antique Social Communities Offer Antiquing Buddies

While I enjoy going out on the road hunting for antiques, I am also really enjoying the community on I Antique I have met a lot of interesting and great people who share similar interests and enjoy buying, selling and collecting antiques and collectibles. But lets face it...when you first come on I Antique, it will strike you as a very busy can take awhile to get familiar with all the exciting content and groups, but be patient as you get comfortable.
I Antique Online Is An Exciting Site: Be Patient As A Newcomer

The more active a site is the crazier it looks to the newbie who has just joined. But it really doesn't take long to figure things out. And once you belong to one site, it is usually easy to transfer what you know to a different site. They all operate in a very similar way. The better sites will offer help to new members. I Antique is a very friendly community which is very gracious to new members (unless you are a problem child).

Orienting New Members at I Antique

At this time, an effort is in place to build an even stronger orientation system for new members at I Antique Online so newbies can get settled even quicker as the site continues to see rapid growth. And of course when any site grows, there is more and more content (articles, blogs, posts) and thousands of photographs and videos to discover. I spend a lot of time organizing this content so the user can find what they are looking for easily.

Tabs On The Main Page Will Show You What Is On The Page : Find Antiques

When you visit I Antique you will see a main page that has tabs or buttons that run along the top of the page. These tabs will give you a good idea of what you will find on our site.
A new feature called "Find Antiques" allows you to look up categorized photos which cover the entire site. So if you want to see vintage are easily able to see all photos of vintage hats for example.

Groups For All Types Of Antique and Collectibles Collectors

With over 175 Group Forums on a variety of topics about on antiques, collectibles, art, business, social media, promotion etc. i Antique is a great Social Network to join if you love vintage, retro and the antique world.

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