Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tea For Two At Past And Future Fine Antiques in Lenox, Massachusetts

Exquisite Tea Collectibles At Past & Future

All I can say is that if you want to see the most exquisite collection of teapots, tea cups, chocolate pots, decorative plates, silver, elegant glassware and more, crank up your car and head to Lenox, Massachusetts. Right on Church Street in the Village is a shop called "Past and Present, owned my Marcy Cohen. This has to be one of the most gorgeous antique shops you will ever visit.

Snapping Lots of Photos Of Gorgeous Hand Painted China On Display At Past & Future Fine Antiques

Of course I was so busy taking photographs for all of you to see, that I didn't actually get a chance to do any shopping. But, truthfully, I would want almost everything in this shop. The Berkshires is loaded with antique shops, but this is one of my favorites.

Lovely Tea Collectibles

Marcy has very lovely vignettes of her spectacular collection. I particularly loved the lilac inspired settings. But everywhere you look in this shop, you will see beautiful serving pieces, luncheon, dining and tea related collectibles.

Dreaming Of Owning A Tea Room

I have always dreamed of owning a Tea Room/ antique shop with tea collectibles. I never could decide if I would go in a whimsical direction and call my Tea Room- shop "The Mad Hatter" or go in a more sophisticated direction and name my shop "Lady Dianne's Tea Room" (my name). If I ever end up fulfilling my fantasy of owning a Tea Room, I would want everything Marcy Cohen has in her shop! (I better start saving up).

Displaying A Breakfast Set Inside A Basket

And I would love it if Marcy would come and arrange my room settings. Take a look at how she has displayed a breaakfast set in a large basket. How sweet is this? This certainly looks better than having plates and tea cups sitting on a shelf. But you do need room to be able to showcase your Breakfast Set inside a basket.

Where To Find A Spot For A Tea Room?

So if any of you know a charming spot for a Tea Room in and around The Farmington Valley of Connecticut, please let me know. I already have the baker picked out. In fact, I know exactly what I'll have on the menu.......but I do welcome suggestions.......perhaps some day, I will have a Tea Room...which do you like better for a name
"The Mad Hatter" or "Lady Dianne's"?

P.S. Please don't spill the bean...oh I mean tea leaves....this is still only a fantasy!

Past And Future Fine Antiques
Marcy Cohen
63 Church Street
Lenox, Massachusetts

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  1. That's my kind of fantasy! If you like mysteries, try the Tea Shop Mystery Series. Have you visited the T-Cozy at tparty.typepad yet? I think this is my favorite of the shops you have shared since I started following your blog. It's delightful!