Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Kitsch N Stuff" Gets A Major Make-Over: Now It's Easier To Shop For Kitchen Collectibles

Kitsch n Stuff: A Funky Antiques And Collectibles Shop At The Collinsville
Antiques Company Of New Hartford

"Kitsch n Stuff", my shop at The Collinsville Antiques Company of New Hartford, Connecticut got a major make-over in the last few days. So if you are wondering where I have been, I've been camped out in my half a booth at Collinsville.

The Transformation Begins: Thinning Out All The Kitsch N Stuff (Antiques and Collectibles).

I had stuffed so much into that booth that it was either time to expand the size of my booth or to
begin to part with some of the "white elephants" and tidy up the space. In essence if I was using the analogy of a haircut....I thinned out the overgrowth.

Opening Up My Kistch N Stuff Booth: Now You Can See The Collections

After several days of working on the project, I'm sore from head to toe....BUT...my booth looks so much better. I took away a glass cabinet that was blocking too much of the entrance to the booth as well as moved around some of the other cabinets. I like the way my white metal cabinet with black and white contact shelf paper looks at the end of booth. It helps to convey the funky tone of my collection. I know you must be thinking that the booth still looks packed.....but you should have seen it before. You couldn't look into the booth, it was fortified like a fort.

I'm Famous For Stacking: Time To Change

All of the veteran dealers at Collinsville told me that there was so much stuff in my booth that some customers were actually afraid to "disturb" some of my stacking towers of kitchenwares. I am one of those folks who likes to use every inch of space.

I'm A "Crammer"

Not only do I cram in things in my booth, but when I work on graphic design projects, I have been know to use up all the "white space".

Antiques And Feng Shui

So creating a more airy booth, was a big deal for me. I feel so much better....I can feel the Feng Shui Gurus shouting out with joy.......

Come visit me at Kitsch n Stuff........

Would you would like to see a photo slide show of my some of my collection: click here


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  1. I love that whole booth so much I almost can't stand it!
    It is chock-full of all the things I love!

  2. I'm A "Crammer" too. Everyone always ask me how I get so much stuff in my booths. I tell them I just push and shove. So many people so they do not like such a 'well stocked' booth, but I love walking into a mall that has alot of them. I like it organized, but it can still be stuffed full.