Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vintage Linen And Tablecloth Lovers Will Adore Memory Lane Countryside Antiques Center in Coventry, Connecticut

Vintage Linens And Tablecloths Featured At Memory Lane Countryside Antiques Center in Coventry, Connecticut

I love vintage linens, especially colorful 1940's and 1950's tablecloths but boy are they a challenge to keep neatly displayed. So I am always paying attention to how other dealers take care of and feature their linens.

Starting With Vintage Linens And Tablecloths In Excellent Condition

When I first started selling tablecloths, I always washed and ironed what I bought. But then I got lazy and only fuss over my linens occasionally. Don't get me wrong, I carry beautiful linens in my shop "Kitsch n Stuff ", but I acquire them in tip top condition. I rarely wash and press linens anymore. So my hat is off to the gals who do!

Oops...Be Carfeul About Washing Vintage Colorful Linens

Perhaps I have decided to leave the status quo as a result of having been traumatized after a brightly colored floral patterned tablecloth I washed.......faded badly. Oops...that hurt. I really did not see that coming. Oh yes I have tried a variety of washing recipes. I also have experimented with different ways to showcase my linens.

Elegant Displays At Memory Lane

Today I discovered a very beautiful linen and tablecloth booth at Memoray Lane Countryside Antiques Center . Her booth really inspired me and I thought I would share some photos of her lovely booth.

Using Attractive Floral Sweater Boxes To Organize Linens

This dealer takes exceptional care of her linens and you can really see the difference. It looks to me like she starches many of her linens. She also displays her vintage linens them quite elegantly. Her 1940's and 1950's everyday cloths hang, while her more formal linens, luncheon napkins, embroidered linens, doilies etc. are organized in very pretty floral sweater and storage boxes. She uses adorable hankies as shelf trim and adds lots of finishing touches to all her displays such as gorgeous floral arrangements and delicate china accessories.

I'd love to hear about your experiences, tips and linen secrets.

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  1. Linens are definitely my weakness..I do was and iron all of them when I get them home...just keeps them smelling nice when stored...I don't like that musty smell and if one gets in among them it's not good...

  2. Oh my this takes my breath away, I love the vintage things, anything, if it is old I love it, I found some things the other day, and I am so very happy, I love your site, and love all the familiar things I see here.
    Yeppers, I am vintage too, hugs Barbara I have added your blog to my favs so others can share in this beauty too.

  3. They're kind of a challenge to keep neatly stored too! I hate ironing, but it's something that has to be done before you put one on the table. If only there was a way to store them without folding them!

  4. They are hard to display and most customers look at them and do not refold etc..bless their hearts!! I hand mine on skirt hangers and hand that on a circular clothing rack...I do my best to keep up with it.

  5. The linens are lovely and so are those floral sweater boxes. I actually enjoy ironing my linens, whether vintage or new. I don't have many tips for laundering vintage linens, but I once added some lemon juice to the wash water of a stained coverlet and then dried it on a line outside in the sun. The stains disappeared. Have a great weekend!

    Susan and Bentley

  6. Thank you for taking us on a tour of such a lovely shop. I cannot get out to take a lovely break this week, and this made my day, er ... night.

  7. My friend Lyn is a vintage textile pro, and she swears by soaking stained linens (cotton tablecloths mostly) in Biz overnight. I wouldn't try this on anything that's not cotton. After soaking, she hand washes with a mild detergent.

  8. I am "one of those" that does get enjoyment out of ironing and fussing with linens; Mom taught me a awesome way to store crochet doilies and tablecloths alike (and other fragiles)! We roll them over a cardboard tube and stack them in the drawer. (wrapping paper tube works perfect and you can cut it to the size you need)NO MORE CREASES! They do not take up much room if you do them all the same way and when you unroll them, they are ready to display, to use! Always make sure your linens are all the way DRY before you store them! Mostly, do not forget to USE THEM and ENJOY THEM!

  9. My mother has an almost supernatural instinct for finding gorgeous linens, embroidered and crotchet tablecloths, doilies, etc. For the most part, she is more than willing to dig thru the mounds of stuff at some displays...and most of it she doesn't even use! She washes, treats stains, presses everything, and stores it...just last week I found in one of her boxes the most adorable set of placemats embroidered with cows/farm scene, so cute. Not my style, but I can appreciate! Whenever I need something, I just go to her house and browse thru her stuff.

  10. One of my many weakness is vintage linens. I thank you for this post. I am always looking for ways to display them in my shop. I hope others also offer some suggestions. Washing and ironing all of the linens can become very time consuming. So I am always looking for ideas to display them in my shop that keeps them neat and tidy.

  11. Nice blog post! That is my mom's booth at Memory Lane.

    I grew up around such lovely things. I feel bad, she's given me such pretty tablecloths, but I'm afraid to use them. I keep them stored and use cheaper ones with holes!

    My mom has much more inventory and it's always changing. Please do stop by again. :)